Car Cleaning Kits and Car Care Kits


Our range of car cleaning kits and products includes all the essentials for keeping your car clean inside and out, clean up the wheels, glass and maintain the shine.

You can buy car care kits from your local Vauxhall Retailer or through our online accessories store.

What’s in a Car Cleaning Kit

We’ve created kits based on the products that work well together and will help you clean the entire car. Exterior cleaning kits contain products like bodywork shampoo, wheel cleaner, polish and wax, as well as extra tools such as a wheel brush or microfiber cloth.


Interior cleaning kits will include products such as interior shampoo and glass cleaner. If you have a leather interior, you can use a leather cleaning kit specifically designed to clean and preserve it.

Most products are also available to buy on their own, so you can restock or find just what you’re looking for.

Car Bodywork Shampoo

Bodywork shampoos contain a special formula that cleans your car without stripping away the paint, polish or wax that you might have applied before.

Car Interior Shampoo

If the build-up of dirt and grime inside your car is becoming an issue, try an interior shampoo. They are easy to use, and often a spray and wipe will be enough to remove stains and grime. Shampoo can be used on interior fabrics and hard surfaces, from the seats and steering wheels to your pedals and floor mats, leaving your Vauxhall with a clean fresh fragrance, just like the day you bought it.

Car Leather Cleaner

Use the Autoglym Leather Cleaner to add a matte finish and keep your interior in top condition. With its pH neutral solution, it can safely be used on all leather and faux leather interiors, removing any unpleasant textures.

Car Glass Cleaner

Specially-designed glass cleaners help you restore the interior of your car with a crystal clear finish on any glass surface. They’re non-abrasive and wax-free, so won’t leave a residue. They work on glass, acrylic and Perspex surfaces.

Car Wheel Cleaner

Wheel cleaner is a special fast-acting cleaner that clears your wheels of dirt and brake dust. It’s quick, effective and safe to use. The product is suitable to use on your alloys, plastic or painted finishes.

Car Wax

Finishing your car’s wash off with wax gives the treated surfaces a high gloss and resistance to rain and dirt. It’s great for sealing in the shine and lessening the effect of wet and dirty roads. Use it after cleaning the outside of your car with car shampoo.

Car Polish

Polish is great to use on a newly-clean car to help with light scratches, swirls from automated car washes, stains and scuffs. It’s suitable for all types and colours of paint and will help return your paintwork to great condition.

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