Car Interior Accessories

Our wide range of car interior accessories helps you to make the most of your car, with extras that add more convenience, safety or style to your car interior.

With everything from seat covers to cup holders and Bluetooth kits, we offer accessories that are specifically designed to work best with your car, based on the shape and size of the interior.


There are two easy ways to buy your car interior accessories:


1. Collect from your local Vauxhall Retailer. With over 400 nationwide, you can easily order and collect the accessory you want. If any interior accessories need fitting, such as an integrated sat nav, the team at the Retailer can help with this too.


2. Order accessories from our official online accessory store and have them delivered to your home. This is great for small interior accessories that you can easily pop into your car, such as mats and safety kits.


When looking for the ideal interior accessory for your car, look out for ‘genuine’ accessories. These are accessories that are designed, built and sold by Vauxhall through our official online store or network of Vauxhall Retailers. They’re designed with each individual car in mind, because a set of mats for a Vauxhall Corsa won’t fit the larger Vauxhall Cascada correctly. They’re also created to add functionality or design on top of what’s already in your car.


Some third parties sell non-genuine accessories, or even claim to sell genuine accessories, but there’s no guarantee that these were manufactured by Vauxhall, so it’s best to stick to our official online store or your local Vauxhall Retailer.


There are some accessories that work well across different models, such as Bluetooth kits and interior shampoos. Our partners make these to high standards, so we offer these ‘approved’ accessories too.


Like genuine accessories, approved accessories are tested to ensure they fit and work well with your car, so when ordering them from a Retailer or our online store, you can be sure they meet the quality level you’d expect.


Interior Protection Accessories

Interior protection accessories offer easy-to-install and great looking ways to keep your car’s interior in good condition, including floor mats, boot liners and seat covers.

Interior Safety Accessories

Interior safety accessories keep you, your passengers and contents safe while out and about, including baby and child seats, first aid kits, safety kits and privacy shades.

Interior Luggage Accessories

Interior luggage accessories allow you to keep things in their place while you’re driving, including cargo boxes and luggage nets, cup holders and dog guards.

Interior Technology Accessories

Interior technology accessories help you to make the most of your time in the car, whether to play your music, talk hands-free or find your destination. These include Bluetooth kits, music and radio streaming and sat navs.

Vauxhall offer a huge range of accessories, specially designed or selected for their optimum fit and performance with your Vauxhall car.