Car Mats

Car mats are a way to keep the carpet of your car protected from dirt and wear. They are durable, easy to clean and easy to fit.


You can choose from rubber or carpet car mats. Both come with an anti-slip base so they stay in place and are easy to fit. The front mats are secured simply by clicking them into position.


As each car is slightly different in size and shape, it’s best to buy mats that are tailored specifically for your car, so they line your footwell properly.


If you’re looking for car mats for your Vauxhall, we offer a range of mats that were designed and made for your individual model. For a set of four mats, prices start from around £30.


You can buy sets of mats by ordering them from your local Vauxhall Retailer or by visiting our official online accessories store and having them delivered to you at home.

Rubber Car Mats

Rubber car mats are heavy-duty and offer great protection of your car’s carpet from large amounts of dirt and mud.


Rubber mats are recommended during autumn and winter, when it’s muddier and wetter outdoors. The rubber mat will be easy to wipe or spray clean, even after the muddiest of wellies.

Carpet Car Mats

Carpet car mats are a nice interior touch for your Vauxhall. High quality carpet offers a premium interior, and it also features the model badge.

Boot Liners

A boot liner is similar to a car mat. You slot it into place in your boot and it protects the carpet from being damaged by luggage, wear and dirt. It’s worth getting a boot liner if you regularly use your boot to transport plants, heavy luggage or dirty boots, for example. They’re easy to take out when it’s time to clean them, and they’re made of semi-rigid moulded plastic, making them durable and easy to remove and wipe clean.


You can buy a boot liner tailor-made to your Vauxhall from your local Vauxhall Retailer or through our official online accessories store.

Vauxhall offer a huge range of accessories that are specially designed or selected for their optimum fit and performance with your Vauxhall car.