Car Roof Box & Roof Bars

Car roof boxes and roof bars are an easy way to increase the space and the amount you can carry when you’re touring the UK and Europe.

When looking for a new roof box or roof bars for your Vauxhall, there are a number of suppliers out there. However, our network of over 400 Vauxhall Retailers can access one of the largest stocks of parts and accessories in the UK, and they can help to find and fit the right roof box and roof bars for your Vauxhall.


We’ve partnered with roof carrier experts, Thule, to offer a wide range of the best roof boxes out there, and your local Vauxhall Retailer can access the range for you.


Choose your Retailer and they can order and fit them for you. They can tie it in with an upcoming visit you may already have booked. Or you can pop in and buy the accessories there and then.


Roof boxes come in various sizes, shapes and materials, meaning you can find just what you’re looking for. They’re optimised for aerodynamics and have central locking systems to give maximum safety and security. Most roof boxes have a solid plastic lid, but some have soft lids, protecting your bags and luggage from rain and the elements.


Roof box sizes are normally measured in litres. The different shapes and sizes available mean you can choose a roof box best for what you’re looking to do:

  • Large, wide roof boxes allow you to make the most of the space on the roof by providing the greatest amount of extra space available. They are handy when you have a car full of passengers or dogs. Some of these need a couple of people to lift them, particularly if they’re full, and will cover most of the roof, but you’ll get all the extra space you need.
  • Short, wide roof boxes are great for small and hatchback cars, offering extra space on the roof. As they aren’t as big as the large, wide roof boxes, they are lighter and easier to lift, though you may still need a helping hand.
  • Narrow roof boxes offer extra space on the roof for your belongings, but don’t take up the full width of the roof, meaning you can also carry a bike.
  • Long, thin roof boxes are best for those wanting to carry a bike or two, as well as having extra room. They aren’t ideal for family use because there’s less space available, but they’re ideal for biking trips or adventure trips.


Roof bars are also known as base carriers, roof rails or a roof rack. They’re the base for any carrying system for your car, whether a roof box, bike carrier or kayak carrier.


When you choose roof bars from Vauxhall, you’re choosing the bars that were specifically chosen or designed for your model, rather than those manufactured by third parties that claim to fit every model of car. They come in sets of two bars and are easy to install and remove. Whether you’re looking to fit a roof box for extra space or you want to transport your kit on the roof, they support the range of roof attachments.


There are different ways a set of roof bars can fit to your Vauxhall’s roof, ranging from roof rails, flush roof fails, t-tracks to fix points, and this affects which roof bars you need.


Our official online accessory store or our network of over 400 Vauxhall Retailers can help you to identify which roof bars are the best for your model. Our Retailers can access a huge range of accessories and help you to fit them to your Vauxhall too.

Vauxhall offer a huge range of accessories, specially designed or selected for their optimum fit and performance with your Vauxhall car.