Van Accessories

Van accessories are a great way for you to add functionality, security or style to your Vauxhall commercial vehicle and we’ve specially designed our accessories to fit your model, from the Vauxhall Corsavan to the Vauxhall Movano, and selected quality partners to provide you with technical and advanced accessories that we’ve chosen for their performance with your model.


There’s a full range of van accessories available for you to browse and choose from. And there are two ways to buy your genuine Vauxhall accessories:


1. Order and collect from your local Vauxhall Retailer. There are over 400 Retailers across the UK, all with access to the vast range of accessories and all able to help with fitting the more technical accessories such as integrated sat navs, roof bars and parking sensors.


2. Order your accessories via our official online store and have them delivered to your business or home. You can browse accessories specific to your model and order with ease for delivery to your home in a few days. This option is great for small and easy to install accessories such as mats and car cleaning products.

Genuine Vauxhall Van Accessories

When browsing van accessories, you may come across ‘genuine’ Vauxhall accessories. These are designed and manufactured by Vauxhall, rather than a third party. We create accessories specific to individual models, as we appreciate that the same set of mats won’t fit a Vauxhall Combo and a Vauxhall Vivaro.


They’re manufactured to have the optimal fit and performance, so a genuine Vauxhall Accessory gives you peace of mind that it’ll work as you’d expect it to.


There are third parties who sell accessories but they’ll often sell the same accessory for many makes and models of van.


Approved Vauxhall Van Accessories

Some accessories such as sat navs and roof racks are suitable for many different models, as they don’t need to be fitted to the van itself. We partner with the experts in these areas to provide you with recommended or ‘approved’ products. We’ve tested these extensively across the Vauxhall commercial vehicle range to ensure they fit well and perform as you’d expect. The experts in your local Vauxhall Retailer can advise on which accessories in our approved range are suitable for your van.


Our range of van accessories includes a vast range of accessory types, so you’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for.


Security & Protection Accessories

Security and protection accessories offer extra protection for your commercial vehicle’s interior, against dirt, grime and accidental damage. The interior protection range includes:


  • Floor mats that protect the foot wells throughout your van from dirt and wear
  • Seat covers that protect the seats from dust and dirt
  • Mudflaps that protect the wheel arch area from grit and dirt
  • Wooden panels that protect the load areas and rear windows
  • Window grilles that create a deterrent and physical barrier to theft and vandalism

Van Roof & Touring Accessories

Van roof and touring accessories help you to make the most of the space, with robust and lightweight carriers to safely store and carry your gear on the roof or behind you.


  • Roof rack for safely transporting different loads on the roof
  • Loading ladders and roof walkways that make it easier to access the roof safely
  • Pipe tube for transporting pipes and conduit securely
  • Ladder clamps to quickly secure ladders
  • Tow bars with maximum strength and reliability

Van Safety Accessories

Van safety accessories are there to keep you, your team and your kit safe while out on the road.


  • Safety kits for use if you need to stop at the side of the road, including a warning triangle and high-vis vest
  • First aid kits that ensure you have the first aid basics to hand
  • Rear-view camera that gives you added visibility when reversing
  • Parking sensors that help you when navigating tight spaces
  • Alarms that deter thieves and keep your load secure

Van Technology Accessories

Van technology accessories help you to enjoy the drive by mapping the route, offering hands-free calling and playing your favourite music.


  • Sat navs help you know where you’re heading and can stay on top of the traffic
  • DAB and digital radio provide consistent sound and more stations to choose from
  • Bluetooth gives you hands-free talking
  • Device cables let you connect and play your music


With a range of accessories available, you can browse the products available for your specific Vauxhall van, and easily order from your local Vauxhall Retailer or online for home delivery.