ADAM Parts

ADAM parts are available to buy at your local Vauxhall Retailer and you can have them fitted there. They have access to the entire parts catalogue for ADAM, so they can quickly source genuine replacement parts for your car.

When looking for new car parts or spare parts for your Vauxhall, there are a number of parts suppliers out there. However, our network of over 400 Vauxhall Retailers can access one of the largest stocks of parts in the UK, and they can help to find and fit the right parts for your Vauxhall ADAM.


Choose your Retailer and they can order and fit the replacement parts for you. They can tie it in with an upcoming visit you may already have booked. Or you can pop in and buy the parts there and then.


When choosing tyres, we work with tyre manufacturers to find the tyres that will work best for your specific ADAM. We consider what’s going to give you optimum performance and the best ride and handling, based on how your Vauxhall was designed.


Not sure what you need? Ask the parts team at your local Vauxhall Retailer. Their specialist experience of Vauxhall ADAM parts will help to get to the part you need.


If you need a replacement or spare part for your Vauxhall, choose a genuine part that was manufactured specifically for your model.


Choosing non-genuine parts or buying parts from a store that can’t guarantee they’re genuine means you could be fitting a part that doesn’t give the same quality, safety, functionality and fit that your car was built to. Often, these stores will supply the same parts for other makes of car as well, meaning they aren’t specifically designed for your model.


The price of parts can vary, but go too cheap and you risk having a part fitted that doesn’t meet your car’s safety standards and performance.


Your local Vauxhall Retailers can guarantee genuine parts, across all types of parts and models. They won’t break the bank and can be fitted by the team if you’d prefer.


With access to vast stocks of parts, Retailers can have the right part for you quickly. They can fit the new part and dispose of the old part for you.


A huge range of different parts is available, whatever variant or age of ADAM you have, and our team are on hand to get you the part you need.


Service Parts for ADAM

Air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, spark plugs, pollen filters, timing belt kits, wiper blades and more.


Brake Parts for ADAM

Brake discs, brake pads, brake shoes, drum brakes, brake fluid, calipers and more.


Engine Parts for ADAM

Drive belts, fuel injectors, timing belts, turbo chargers, EGR valves, drive belts, ignition coils and more.


Suspension and Steering Parts for ADAM

Bushes, PAS pumps, shock absorbers, springs and more.


Transmission Parts for ADAM

CV boot kits, clutch kits, driveshafts, fly wheels and more.


Cooling and Heating Parts for ADAM

Compressors, heater matrix, radiators, thermostats and more.


Electrical and Lighting Parts for ADAM

Alternators, bulbs, batteries and more.


Exhaust Parts for ADAM

Catalytic converters, exhaust parts and more.


Bodywork Parts for ADAM

Mirror casings, door panels, bumpers, locking wheel nuts, spare wheel and more.


Lubricants and Fluids for ADAM

Engine oil, steering fluid, suspension fluid, transmission oil, anti-freeze, screenwash and more.

Tyres for ADAM

Tyres for ADAM, all-season tyres, winter tyres and more.

Accessories for ADAM

Sat navs, bluetooth kits, roof accessories, parking sensors, van accessories and more.

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