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    Car Servicing and MOTs

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    Service Club

    As a member of the Vauxhall Service Club, you’ll get exclusive savings on your servicing and repairs. It’s free to join and is open to all drivers of Vauxhalls that are over two years old.

    For cars 2-3 years old you can save 15% on servicing and repairs, and for vehicles 3+ years you can save 25% on servicing and repairs. For everyone registered in Service Club we offer half-price MOTs (For drivers in Northern Ireland, you can get free pre-MOT checks instead.) We will always ensure that fully-trained technicians, with genuine Vauxhall parts are used ensuring your car is kept to the highest standards.

    Service Club is free to join - just sign up by registering for a My Vauxhall Account or if you are already registered, look for a Service Club Discount section on your homepage.

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    Service Plan

    With a fixed monthly cost starting from just £15, guaranteed discounts and genuine Vauxhall care, our Service Plan will give you peace of mind at an affordable price.


    Check out your benefits:


    • Easy payments - Simple and affordable monthly payments make it easier for you to budget, with fixed, inflation-proof prices.
    • Professional servicing - Full servicing as recommended for your Vauxhall, using genuine parts fitted by our expert, fully trained technicians. Plus, Vauxhall stamps in your service book.
    • Lower payments - Get our best offers of up to 25% discount on wear-and-tear repairs, as well as 50% off all MOTs^.
    • Vauxhall support - Our Retailers commit to the Vauxhall Service Promise, and you have free Vauxhall Accident Management cover.
    • Freedom to change - Your Service Plan is contract-free, so you’re free to move or change it any time. You can also take your Vauxhall to any Vauxhall Retailer.

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    Your Vauxhall service

    Nipping to the supermarket. Collecting the kids. Visiting Mum at the weekend.


    You need to rely on your Vauxhall. And the best way to keep it in shape is through regular servicing.


    So try our interim service. We use only genuine parts, and you’ll get a 12-month warranty††.


    If your Vauxhall’s 3+ years old, you’ll pay just £159. That includes parts, fitting and VAT – there are no hidden costs.


    So you can stay in charge of your budget and your life.

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  • Why Vauxhall?

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    Fixed Price Repairs

    Vauxhalls are known for their reliability. But as the years roll on, even our cars may need the odd repair.


    The advantage with us is that you’ll know the exact cost. Because the price you see is what you pay – we don’t do added costs or hidden extras.


    Our Fixed-Price Repairs only use genuine parts with a minimum 12 months warranty, fitted by trained technicians and including VAT.


    So you get total peace of mind. And no surprises.

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  • Fixed Price Repairs

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    What is an MOT?

    An MOT, or Ministry of Transportation test, is an annual inspection that tests your vehicle’s safety and exhaust emissions to ensure it’s roadworthy.


    Your MOT will be due on the third anniversary of its registration, fourth in Northern Ireland, and each year after that. You'll need to renew your MOT before it expires and you can do this from 28 days before the due date.


    Our Vauxhall Retailers are approved to conduct MOTs, and use their expertise to look after your Vauxhall.

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    Prepare for your MOT

    Here’s what to check ahead of your MOT:


    1. Lights: Check all lights are working properly - headlights, sidelights, rear lights, hazard light, indicators and brake lights. Ask a friend to help with brake lights in particular.
    2. Number plates: Ensure the number plates are readable and clean.
    3. Wheels and tyres: Check the wheels and tyres are free of damage, and that your tyre tread depth is 2mm or over.
    4. Windscreen: Check there is no windscreen damage larger than 10mm in front of the driver and 40mm across the rest of the screen.
    5. Windscreen wipers: Check there aren’t any tears or holes in the rubber of front and rear wipers. They need to be able to keep your windscreen clean.
    6. Screenwash: Top up the screenwash before having an MOT – if it’s empty, you can fail an MOT.
    7. Fuel and engine oil: Check the fuel and engine oil levels are okay, as technicians will need them both to test the vehicle’s emissions levels.
    8. Seats and seatbelts: All seatbelts should be undamaged and lock if you tug them. The driver’s seat should be adjustable forwards and backwards too.
    9. Horn: Check your horn with a short blast. If it doesn’t work, it’ll need to be repaired.
    10. Instrument warning lights: Check your lights all come on then go off when you turn the ignition key, and check your speedometer is working too.


    If you need anything checked ahead of your MOT, your local Vauxhall Retailer is on hand to help.

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    Even if you haven’t topped-up with AdBlue® before, you might have noticed a little blue cap next to your regular diesel filler cap. This little blue cap is where your car is filled-up with AdBlue®. Your AdBlue® tank needs to be refilled at regular intervals – let it run out and your engine won’t start again until the tank has been refilled.


    The simplest way to keep your vehicle topped-up with AdBlue® is to let your local Vauxhall Retailer do it for you. When the AdBlue® indicator on your dashboard lights up, just book yourself in for a refill.


    AdBlue® top-ups are available at fixed prices*:

    CAR - £19.99*
    VAN - £29.99*


    As a Vauxhall Service Club^ member, refills are even
    better value.

    SERVICE CLUB CAR - £14.99*

    SERVICE CLUB VAN - £24.99*

  • How to prepare


Service Plan details

Who can get a Service Plan?

Most people can. Our Service Plan is available to new and used-car buyers, as well as customers who already have a Vauxhall.


What’s covered by the plan?

Everything that’s covered by the official servicing schedule for your vehicle, so that your service book can be stamped. We’ll also highlight any wear-and-tear and safety issues we notice (although these won’t be covered if they aren’t in the standard maintenance schedule).


What’s not covered?

Anything not included in your vehicle’s official servicing schedule – for example, any extra maintenance work, adjustments, and wear-and-tear items such as brakes, tyres and exhausts (including recommended items such as replacement cambelts).


What discounts can I get under the plan?

You get 50% off your MOTs, and 25% discount on wear-and-tear repairs.


How long does the plan last?

There’s a choice of plans ranging from one to three years that will cover the full cost of your services.


How much will the Service Plan cost?

Prices start from as little as £15 a month. The exact figure is calculated according to your vehicle and the length of plan you choose.


^Vauxhall Service Plan repairs discounts; 15% for vehicles 2-3 years, 25% for vehicles 3 years plus. Half-price MOT test (UK mainland only – excluding Northern Ireland). Free pre-MOT test inspection for customers in Northern Ireland only. Members are entitled to discount on labour and only genuine Vauxhall parts. Parts only purchases excluded. Go to to see full Vauxhall Service Plan exclusions. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Offers apply to genuine Vauxhall repair and MOT work on your UK registered Vauxhall at participating Retailers only. Vauxhall Service Plan is provided by EMaC Limited. Correct at time of print.