Vauxhall Service Plan FAQs

Why not spread the cost of your annual service over smaller monthly payments? With a Service Plan, it’s easy. Find out more about servicing and Vauxhall Service Plans.

1. How can I benefit with a Service Plan?

  • Predictable, easy payments
  • The reassurance of professional servicing
  • Freedom to adapt your plan to suit you and your Vauxhall
  • Access to our best offers as part of a plan
2. I bought my Vauxhall some time ago. Can I still buy a Service Plan?

Yes. You can set up a service plan at any time, regardless of when or how you bought your Vauxhall.

3. I’m a member of Vauxhall Service Club. What happens if I take out a Service Plan?

You’ll still enjoy the benefits with a Vauxhall Service Plan. In fact, all Service Club benefits are included in your Service Plan, so you won’t need to continue with or renew Service Club membership. In addition to the easy payments and professional servicing, you’ll enjoy 50% off MOTs and up to 25% off wear and tear repairs with a Service Plan.

4. My service is due in two months. Can I set up a Vauxhall Service Plan?

Yes, you can set up a plan at any time of the year. When creating your quote online, you may see your first few payments are for a higher amount. This just ensures your plan has enough funds to cover your next service.

5. I’ve set up a Service Plan. How do I keep up with servicing?

The Service Plan ensures the cost element is taken care of. You’ll need to arrange your service with your preferred Retailer when it’s due (please see the service intervals in Question 6).

6. When does my Vauxhall need servicing?

The Vauxhall Service Plan is designed to cover our recommended servicing schedules. For cars, that’s a service each year or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first), alternating between an interim service and a main service.

7. Where can I take my Vauxhall to be serviced?

To one of our Authorised Repairers – we currently have over 300 across the UK. You can choose your preferred location at the time of purchase or use our Find a Retailer online tool.

8. How do I arrange a service under my Service Plan?

You can book directly with your preferred Vauxhall Retailer, letting them know you have a Service Plan. When you’re at the Retailer, please show them a copy of your welcome letter or email. They’ll complete the scheduled service and claim the funds directly from us.

9. What happens if my annual mileage increases over the estimate I gave when creating my plan?

Your next scheduled service may now be sooner than originally anticipated and may mean your plan doesn’t contain sufficient funds to cover the next service. If your mileage does increase, our plan administrators, EMaC, will be able to advise you and take a top-up payment directly if necessary.

10. How do I pay for my Service Plan?

You can pay by Direct Debit each month. When you create your bespoke quote, you’ll be shown the monthly amounts and duration of the Direct Debit.

11. My online quote shows the first payment is higher than the ongoing payments. Why?

This is because your next service is due within 11 months or less. It ensures there are sufficient funds in your plan to cover that service.

12. Can I change the monthly Direct Debit payment date?

Yes, please contact our Service Plan administrators, EMaC, who can update the Direct Debit payment date on your behalf.

13. What happens if I miss a Direct Debit payment?

Our Service Plan administrators, EMaC, will contact you to understand why it was missed and help you to set this back up. It may mean you pay a slightly higher monthly amount because you will be paying over a shorter period of time, but the total plan cost won’t change.

14. Can I cancel my Vauxhall Service Plan?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time by contacting our Service Plan administrators, EMaC. You’ll receive a refund excluding any services you’ve claimed for and any applicable management fees. Any refund will be paid into the account originally used to pay for the Service Plan.

15. What happens to my Service Plan if I sell my Vauxhall?

If you sell your Vauxhall, you have three options with your Service Plan:


  • Transfer it to the new owner of your Vauxhall
  • Transfer it to a new Vauxhall
  • Cancel the plan and receive a refund, as described above.


Please contact our Service Plan administrators, EMaC, who will be able to do this for you.

16. How can I contact you about a Service Plan?

The team at EMaC, our Service Plan administrator, is ready to answer your questions. You can contact them by phone or email: