Summer Car Accessories

Having all the accessories you need can make all the difference on those long summer car journeys.

The right accessories make sure you’re ready for all of life’s twists and turns. Your car is going to need some little extras just to make your summer journey more comfortable, easy, relaxed and fun.

You can have accessories delivered to your door via our official online store. Or for those that are bigger or need fitting to your car, you can order them through your local Vauxhall Retailer and they can do the fitting for you.

Here are our most popular summer accessories that help with entertaining the kids, carrying extra kit and navigation.


An iPad holder is useful for keeping kids and other passengers occupied and happy on long, hot journeys. It’s a sure-fire solution to the ‘are we nearly there yet’ question. Available on all models but requires a FlexConnect Adapter.


Sat navs aren’t all the same, so make sure you are using the best and most up to date technology to help guide your way. TomTom systems get you where you need to be in an unpredictable world. Available on all models.


If you run out of room inside, you can get extra storage on the road. Our handy roof bars are designed to fit your Vauxhall perfectly. Available on all models – excluding Cascada, VIVA and Ampera.


The Vauxhall Dog Guard helps protect your car when your dog’s muddy or wet. They still get to come on the fun day trips, and you get to keep the seats clean. Available on Astra Sports Tourer, Insignia Sports Tourer and Mokka.


Thule ProRide 591* carriers let you carry more than one bike if you need to. So you can get out and ride in whatever conditions you desire and never have to worry where to put the bikes afterwards. Available on all models - excluding Cascada, VIVA and Ampera.


Privacy shades give you some extra privacy in the back of the car, and also help minimise sun glare on the screens of mobile device that kids and other passengers are using. Available on all models - excluding Cascada and VIVA.


You can also view the entire range of accessories specific to your model.