Summer Car Care

Taking care of your car throughout the summer months will help it to cope with the warmer weather and long journeys you might take. There are a few easy ways you can keep your car in great condition:


  • Up-to-date servicing
  • Protecting the paintwork
  • Visual checks
  • Summer car essentials
  • Journey preparation

Need to top up any fluids, pick up an accessory or replace a part? There are over 400 Vauxhall Retailers in the UK, so you can find one near to you that’s ready to help.

Up-to-date servicing

When your car is serviced each year, essential parts are replaced and tests are carried out to make sure the parts on your car are working as they should.


Keeping up to date with your car’s servicing is an easy way to take care of your car all year round as well as in summer.


Your Vauxhall is due for a service each year. These alternate between an interim (or 12 month) service and a main (or 24 month) service. When it’s time for your service, book your car in online on a day that suits you.

Protecting the paintwork

If you love your Vauxhall and the way it looks, make sure you use VX Protect. VX Protect is designed to help your car keep its showroom sheen, inside and out, offering unbeatable protection from the elements.


VX Protect forms a film that attaches to your paintwork, which means that the build-up of dirt, the damage of UV rays, and pollution and acid rain is avoided. Keeping your car exterior clean protects the paint from the sun, and protects the paint against birds and insects.


Internally, VX Protect keeps your fabrics and carpets shielded. It makes sure that spills and dirt are easily removed, and extends the life of the material, while keeping it looking original and new.


Take a look at our large range of cleaning equipment that will help keep your car in the best condition. Just visit our official online store.

Our range of Autoglym products will also help you to keep your car in the best condition possible. From exterior shampoos, to bird dropping wipes, to wheel brushes, we have all the equipment you need to keep your car shiny for longer.

Visual checks

Before you set off on long journeys, you should take time to check over your car. It’ll help you to spot anything that might need replacing sooner, keeping your vehicle road-legal and in great condition. You should also do this regularly throughout the year.


Here’s a list of things you can check at home, as you walk around your car and sit inside it:


  • Are the tyres in good condition? Also, make sure they’re inflated to the correct tyre pressures and they have enough tread depth. And don’t forget the spare. Find out more about checking your car tyres here.
  • Is the windscreen free from cracks and chips? Are the wipers free from cuts or breaks?
  • Are all lights illuminating? Is the casing for each light free from cracks and damage?
  • Check the fluid tanks under the bonnet with yellow caps. These are engine oil, brake fluid, screen wash and coolant. Make sure you top them up if needed.
  • Can you see clearly out of each mirror
  • Do all the dashboard lights illuminate when you start the ignition? Are there any that stay on and need attention?
  • Are your seatbelts in good condition and free from fraying or tangles?


Need more information about what the lights mean or where certain things are in the car? Just check your owner’s manual.


If you need to replace a bulb, wiper blade or something bigger, the team at your local Vauxhall Retailer are on hand to help.

Summer car essentials

It’s a good idea to carry a car essentials kit all year round. Once you have the kit ready, you can store it in the boot.


Here are a few recommended essentials:


  • Warning triangle
  • High visibility vests (preferably one per passenger)
  • First aid kit
  • Extra screenwash
  • A road map or Sat Nav
  • Plenty of water for everyone on board


Need any safety kits or spares? Visit our official online store, where you can get your car essentials delivered to your door.

Journey preparation

Because of the school holidays, the roads can get quite congested throughout summer. However, a little preparation can make the journey more comfortable for you and your passengers.


  • Check the route, traffic and weather before you set off
  • If possible, try to avoid busy times,such as Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings
  • Pack water and snacks for the journey
  • Take a map in case you get diverted
  • Stay vigilant and take regular breaks


If you need any advice or repairs, talk to the team at your local Vauxhall Retailer.