ADAM Tyre Pressures

Tyre pressures, or the amount of air in your ADAM’s tyres, affects the drive and safety of your ADAM.

There are specific recommended tyre pressures for your ADAM which are set by Vauxhall when the car is first built. They differ by engine, tyre size and body style so it’s important to follow those specific to your model.


Too little air in the tyres, meaning they’re under-inflated, makes the car more difficult to handle and increases tyre wear and fuel consumption. It also increases the risk of a sudden puncture of the tyre.


You can also over-inflate your ADAM’s tyres by putting too much air in them, which reduces the amount of tyre in contact with the road, affecting the handling and braking of your ADAM.


It’s easy to check and keep on top of your ADAM’s tyre pressures though. All you need is a tyre pressure gauge and air pump. Most petrol stations have both of these in one, or you can keep your own at home.


Then you need to know your recommended tyre pressures and how to check them:

How to Check ADAM Tyre Pressures

Firstly, you want to check when your ADAM’s tyres are cool. If you’ve been on a long journey, wait 30 minutes to allow the tyres to cool, because warm tyres cause the pressure to increase a little and give you an inaccurate reading.


Take the dust cap off the valve of the tyre and attach the gauge to the valve to take a reading. Compare this to your ADAM’s recommended pressures.


If the reading is higher, you’ll need to let out a little air from the valve until it’s correct.

If the reading is lower, you’ll need to add more air into the tyre using the air pump.


When done, simply put the cap back on the valve and repeat for each tyre (don’t forget the spare).


Here’s a short how-to video for checking tyre pressures.


While checking the pressure, it’s worth checking the overall health of the tyres: check for cuts, bulges or anything stuck in the tyre, and check the tread depth.


For more guidance on how to check tread depth, including the easy 20p test, click here.


If you need tyre help, your local Vauxhall Retailer is on hand to help.

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