All-Weather Tyres

All-weather tyres are also known as all-season tyres. They’re designed and manufactured to give great performance through summer and winter.

They combine the best of summer and winter tyre characteristics, so they can be used safely year-round with great all-round performance. Summer and winter-specific tyres usually outperform all-weather tyres when used in those seasons, but the main benefit of all-weather tyres is that you don’t have to switch between summer and winter tyres twice a year.


All-weather tyres are often chosen in the UK due to our light, wet winters. But winters in continental Europe often demand winter-specific tyres because of the heavy snow and ice. And all-weather tyres also give good grip and performance in the dry and warm weather of summer, which is when winter tyres typically underperform.


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Benefits of All-Weather Tyres

There are a number of benefits to choosing all-weather tyres instead of summer and winter tyres:

  • Avoid switching between summer and winter tyres twice a year
  • Avoid having to store off-season tyres
  • Suitable for UK winters
  • Tyre performs better year-round than season-specific tyres
  • Suitable for changeable weather.


There are also a few disadvantages versus summer and winter tyres:

  • They aren’t as good as winter tyres in winter or summer tyres in summer
  • They wear more quickly because they’re in use year-round, whereas summer or winter tyres are only used for up to six or seven months a year
  • Limited performance in a harsh winter with lots of snow and ice to content with.


There are benefits to all-weather tyres and season-specific tyres so have a think about where and when you’ll be driving your car throughout the year and whether you’d prefer not to switch tyres over twice a year.


Tyre experts at your local Vauxhall Retailer are on-hand to help find what’s right for you.