Tyre Prices

Compare car and van tyre prices easily with a quote from your local Vauxhall Retailer. They have access to one of the largest stocks of tyres in the UK so they can help you you compare different makes of tyre and find the right tyres at the right price for you. The all-inclusive quote can include balancing and fitting of the new tyres and disposal of the old tyres.

They can help you to find your tyre size and compare premium and budget tyres. And Vauxhall Retailers can also fit the new tyres for you. You can even tie it in with a visit you may have coming up.


Whether you already know what you’re looking for or need some advice on which tyres to choose, your local Vauxhall Retailer is on hand to help.

You can spread the cost of tyres over three months at no extra cost^, with our 0% aftersales finance.

Tyre prices depend on a few factors. These include the size and quality of the tyre you need as well as how many of them you need to buy at once.


  • Size of the tyre
    Tyre sizes are set when the car or van is first built. They’re based on the profile of the vehicle and the wheel size. The bigger the tyre, the more expensive it’ll be.

    Smaller, less powerful cars, such as city cars, often have small profile tyres. These would be cheaper than a 4x4 car with a powerful engine which needs larger tyres.

    If you opt for larger alloys on your car, this will generally make the tyre more expensive.

  • Quality of the tyre
    There are a number of tyre manufacturers who make tyres to the designated sizes. That means you could have a few options to choose from. There are high-quality tyres, also known as premium tyres and low-quality tyres, also known as budget tyres. Which you choose will affect the tyre price.

  • How many you need to buy
    We recommend that you replace both tyres on an axis at once, rather than replacing them one at a time. For example, you should replace both front tyres at the same time. This will give you consistent grip, wear and performance. Often, you’ll see that either your front tyres or rear tyres will wear more quickly, so when some need replacing, you can replace a set but rotate the other tyres. This means you don’t have to replace all four at once, providing they’re all road legal and in good condition.


Budget versus Premium Tyres
Budget tyres are cheaper makes of tyres, whereas premium tyres are more expensive and you can choose which make you’d like buy.


Premium tyres include many of the tyre brands you probably know. They come from tyre manufacturers who invest heavily in the development of their tyres. The tyres they produce tend to be higher quality and give better performance than budget tyres, so they’re suitable for longer journeys and more powerful engines. Premium tyres can be more expensive than budget tyres but they typically offer greater levels of safety, longevity and performance.


Budget tyres are lower in price and often don't give the same performance as premium tyres. If you’re looking at budget tyres, they’re more suitable for really short city journeys on cars with low power engines.


Premium tyres are typically a better option in the long run and you can spread the cost over 3 months at no extra cost^ with our 0% aftersales finance.