Terms & Conditions

The VX Protect lifetime warranty is valid for any new Vauxhall car purchase, applies to the first named Vauxhall owner only and up to 100,000 miles.


All vans and used cars (Vauxhall or non-Vauxhall) will carry a total warranty of 3 years maximum or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.


The VX Protect warranty is only valid when VX Protect has been purchased from and applied by a Vauxhall Retailer

1. Lifetime Warranty for the purchaser of VX Protect

1.1. Duration of the Warranty, dependence on Purchaser

The warranty is valid for the purchaser of VX Protect who bought the vehicle at a Vauxhall Authorised Retailer and is not transferable.

The warranty starts with the date of ownership of the VX Protect product, carried out by the Vauxhall Retailer.


After 36 months from the date of ownership the warranty on all vans and used cars expires. For the new car purchaser, beyond 3 years, cover is only valid if activated by the same owner from initial registration between month 34 and month 36 of ownership, by visiting the following website: http://www.myreginfo.com/VXProtect.aspx

1.2. Coverage of the Lifetime Warranty
The warranty includes free of charge re-treatment of the vehicle by a VX Protect Authorised Representative, if required. The warranty expiry date remains unchanged.


Warranty claims can only be made on presentation of the Warranty Certificate and, after 36 months of ownership, presentation of the Lifetime Warranty Certificate. All certificates must bear the correct details of the purchaser of VX Protect as given in the initial registration and the Lifetime warranty activation.


Covered components of the Lifetime Warranty
The Lifetime Warranty is valid only for the following:

1. Fading of Vehicle Paintwork.
2. Stains to Interior fabrics (seats and carpets).


Warranty Exclusions
Paintwork damage caused by: stone chips, birdlime, tree sap, mechanical car washes and industrial deposits such as railway brake dust. The deterioration of coloured plastic items such as bumpers and spoilers. Pre-existing defects. Maintenance products, including: SupaWheels, SupaCabrio (Cascada soft roof tops) and LeatherCare.

1.3. Customer Duties to Retain Warranty
The customer will be communicated to and prompted to activate the lifetime warranty twice before they are removed from the valid warranty list.


The warranty automatically expires after 3 years of purchasers of all vans and used cars.


1.4. Termination of Lifetime Warranty
Failure to activate the Lifetime Warranty according to the above terms will, without exception, terminate the warranty after month 36 of ownership.



Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

VX Protect Packs contain one or more of the products listed below. For practical advice and guidance on the useage of these products, please refer to the relevant link.