Winter Care

Find out about taking care of your Vauxhall and making the most of it in cold weather conditions.


You can learn about maintaining your car correctly during the winter months, as well as what kind of checks are available to help you look after your car and make sure that it stays safe when you’re out on the road.


We’ll also give you tips for driving in the snow and provide you with details on which kind of tyres are most suitable for use on snowy and icy roads.


Explore the information here to discover all you need to know.


Winter Tyres

Learn about tyres that are designed to deliver high performance in cold weather conditions.

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Winter Car Kit

Find out about all the most essential items that help you and your vehicle get through winter.

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Winter Car Care

Discover useful tips and tricks for keeping your car maintained during the winter months.

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Driving in Snow

Get some helpful advice on how you can drive more safely when there is snow on the roads.

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Winter Car Check

Learn some important things to check to make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold season.

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