Winter Car Care

Winter can bring more challenging weather for road users and there’s nothing worse than getting stuck miles away from home in cold weather.

Be prepared and keep your car in good condition for winter with these car care tips:


  • Check your fluid levels under the bonnet before long journeys or driving in bad weather. Check and top-up your screen wash, coolant, engine oil and brake fluid.
  • Check your wheels and tyres for tread depth, tyre pressures and any damage.
  • Check lights, wipers and windscreen to be sure all are in good working order.
  • Check a few things inside your car like the steering, handbrake, pedals, mirrors and instrument lights to make sure they all work as they should.


There are a few things you can do to prepare for your travels too:


  • Make sure your car is well maintained with an up to date MOT and regular servicing.
  • Batteries are more likely to die in the cold so keep yours well-maintained.
  • Pack a winter driving kit. That can include a blanket and extra clothes, food and drink, torch, warning triangle, spade, high-vis vest and a charged phone.
  • Keep a pair of sunglasses in the car in case of glare from the roads or from a low winter sun.
  • Keep your windscreen washer topped up and replace your wipers if they don’t clear the windscreen properly.
  • Add 0333 3202 304 into your phone’s contacts list. It’s the number for our Vauxhall Accident Management service, which you get for free as a Vauxhall driver.
  • Check the latest travel news for your journey, so you know which roads are clear and passable.
  • Check the weather forecast before you leave.
  • Consider switching to winter tyres – they’re a great way to prepare for snow and ice throughout winter.
  • Take a look at winter driving tips to help if you find yourself on the road in bad weather.

Need help getting your car winter-ready or need to top up your car’s fluids? Your local Vauxhall Retailer is on hand to help.