Winter Car Check

There are a few easy car checks you can make to ensure your car is ready for winter. You don’t need any additional equipment or knowledge, and it’s essential that you do them before heading out on the road throughout winter.


Before checking your car over, make sure the ignition is switched off (and only switched on when needed for checks), and that the engine is cool and you’re parked where you can safely walk around the car.


Exterior Car Checks

Here, you’re looking at the outside of your car at the areas you and other road-users can see.


  • Bodywork: Check your car’s bodywork for any damage or scratches. Bodywork gives you its greatest protection when it’s in its best condition.
  • Tyres: As they’re the only point of contact between your car and the road, you want to be sure your tyres are in good condition and can grip the winter roads. Check for cuts, bulges or general damage. Also check the tyre pressures using a tyre pressure gauge and make sure the tread depth is over 2mm on each tyre.
  • Lights: Check the lights on the front, side and rear of your car to make sure the bulbs all illuminate and the casing is clear. Keep them clean, because they’ll help you to see more of the road and help others to see you.
  • Windscreen: Make sure your windscreen doesn’t have any chips or cracks, particularly in your line of sight from the driver’s seat. While you’re there, check your wipers aren’t split or worn.


If you want to have anything double-checked or need a repair or replacement, we’re on hand to help.

Under The Bonnet Checks

Open the bonnet to make a few important checks on the fluids in your car. The caps of the essential fluids are yellow to help you find them.


  • Brake fluid: Rock the clear reservoir without opening the cap and ensure the level is between the MIN and MAX markers on the tank.
  • Coolant: This is another you should check without opening the cap. The clear tank will also have MIN and MAX markers.
  • Oil: Using a cloth or paper towel, pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean. Then re-insert it fully and pull back out. This will give you the current level of oil against the MIN and MAX markers. You can then pop it back in.
  • Screenwash: You can open the cap and top this up until it fills up.


Just visit your local Vauxhall Retailer to top up on any of these fluids.

Interior Car Checks

It’s time to get in the car to check the instruments and controls are working.


  • Instrument lights: Switch the ignition on and all the lights should illuminate. Check the various gauges are working too.
  • Mirrors: Check your rear view mirror and wing mirrors are clean and free from damage.
  • Pedals: Check these are working as they should. If you’ve noticed something isn’t quite right, contact your local Retailer who can check them for you.
  • Handbrake: Check this holds your car as it should and that you don’t have to pull the lever too high.
  • Steering: Your steering shouldn’t be too loose. If it is, pop in and have it checked.


The experts at your local Vauxhall Retailer can help with checking your car over for winter. They can check more places on your Vauxhall to make sure that areas you might not be able to get to, such as the clutch and brakes, are in great condition for winter.