Winter Car Kit

A winter car kit is an easy way to have the essentials in your car if you need them while driving in winter and challenging weather.

Winter kits aren’t expensive. You can put one together from things you may already have around the house and in your car. Here’s what we’d recommend carrying with you in your winter car kit:


  • Blanket: If you get stuck at the side of the road, a blanket will help you and your passengers stay warm because it can get cold quickly.
  • Extra clothes: Like the blanket, having hats, gloves, scarves, extra jackets and boots will allow you to layer up when it’s cold. They’re also there if your clothes happen to get wet when you’re walking through snow.
  • Food and drink: Journeys can take longer during bad weather, with traffic slowing to be safer. If you get caught in bad traffic or stuck due to the weather, some food and drink will give you energy as well as boost your spirits.
  • Torch: With fewer daylight hours in winter, a torch is handy for rummaging around in the boot or checking your surroundings. Don’t forget the batteries.
  • Warning triangle: This is an essential safety item whenever you’re driving. A warning triangle tells other road users to give you some distance if you get stuck at the side of the road.
  • Spade: If your car gets stuck in snow while parked, a spade is handy for removing snow from around the wheels, making it easier for you to get out. Your car mats can also help with extra grip in snow.
  • High-visibility vest: This is another essential item that means you’re visible to other road users. Pack enough high-vis vests for you and your passengers.
  • A charged phone: Cold weather can cause phone batteries to run out quicker. Even after a day of using your phone, have a fully-charged spare in the car so you can call for help if you need it.
  • Extra screen wash: Grit, salt and spray from the roads can make your windscreen hard to see through. Don’t leave yourself with only a little available in the tank. Top it up before you set off and keep the spare fluid in your boot.
  • De-icer: In the colder months, ice can settle on your windscreen even during daylight hours so de-icer is handy to have.
  • Ice scraper: An ice scraper is also handy when you’re away from home. Don’t forget to clear your lights and pack a pair of gloves to do this with.


If you need additional fluids or a winter kit, talk to the team at your local Vauxhall Retailer and they can help you get winter-ready.

Through our official online accessories store, you can buy a winter car care kit and other winter accessories for delivery to your home.