• Vauxhall Insignia GSi driving
  • The classic sports contours of the new Vauxhall GT Concept
  • Monza
  • Hydrogen 4 car
  • erad bike
  • Rake concept car
  • Vauxhall Flextreme

Future models and concepts

Drive into the future

When it comes to motoring excellence combined with pioneering technology, we at Vauxhall have exactly the blend of expertise, perception and meaningful innovation that it takes to design the vehicles of tomorrow.


Take a look at what we’ve got coming for you.

Insignia GSi

Check out the upcoming Insignia GSi and discover Vauxhall’s latest dynamic design and technology innovations.


While unashamedly avant-garde, our new GT sports concept pays homage to the classic 1966 Vauxhall XVR and ‘65 Opel Experimental GT showcars.


The groundbreaking Monza offers a light, athletic look designed to convey efficiency and excitement and represent a vision of the next generation Vauxhalls.


Our fourth-generation hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle produces no harmful emissions.


The first e-bike concept to be designed around automotive manufacturing mass-production methods.


An affordable, radical-looking electric car concept with a 60-mile range and a top speed of 75mph.


Explore a new horizon: the unique Vauxhall Flextreme and 100% clean mobility.

Flextreme GT/E

The Flextreme GT/E Concept combines expressive design, eco technology and high performance.