ADAM ROCKS AIR in White my Fire and I’ll be Black
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It’s all in the dynamics

New Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS isn’t just another copy. It stands out. The well balanced chassis, great handling, comfort and precise steering make a drive in a new ADAM ROCKS a true adventure.


Go-kart feeling

The biggest challenge with any small car is to combine agile handling with full-size, real-ride dynamics and driving comfort. The new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS meets this head-on with its specially tuned chassis and a 15mm increase in body-ride height for greater ground clearance. The result is unrestricted driving fun - in town and country.

ADAM ROCKS Steering Modes

Take it easy

The new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS comes with two steering modes as standard. In normal mode you enjoy direct steering response and feedback. City mode, activated with a switch on the dashboard, reduces steering effort at low speeds and during parking by increasing power assistance.

Economical driving fun

Whether you want to talk high tech or just enjoy the power, the new 1.0 Turbo ECOTEC® engines with direct injection put new the Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS way out ahead. With 170Nm torque and 85kW (115hp), a brand new state of the art six-speed gearbox combines maxed out fun with Euro 6 eco protection.


And there’s a whole range of low-maintenance, high-output engines for you to choose from. The super-frugal entry level 1.2 ECOTEC delivers 51kW (70hp) with an impressive 115Nm torque. The 1.4 ECOTEC choice is 64kW (87hp) both with 130Nm torque.