ADAM ROCKS AIR in Red ‘n’ Roll with I’ll be Black roof
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Urban chic, country style

Small is stunning. Viewed from any angle the rugged, stylish and functionally friendly new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS is a rare talent. From the two-tone floating roof down to the optional ADAM ROCKS 18" wheels it stands out.



From function into fun

With the new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS, our designers have taken the essence of a cross-over and made it chic. A town friendly / country smart car usually costs a lot and drinks even more, but ADAM ROCKS keeps the original charm of the ADAM - along with its size and miniscule thirst.


It’s gained muscle and height, but that just adds another level of individuality. From the front, the matt black grille adds drama, while the chrome highlights define the clever stylistic integration. The broad stance has gained a new muscularity from the cladding - but the defining contours of the front and rear wings remain.

The clear lines of the floating roof, with optional chrome accents, the integrated spoiler and electric folding canvas roof are still eye-catching. The upsweep of the silver-effect front and rear skid plates adds to the carefree go-anywhere attitude. The new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS is not a small car trying to look big - it’s form flowing from function into fun.


Sporty but business-like

Inside the new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS, the ambience blends advanced practicality with classical touches. The instrument cluster is subtly redesigned, and optional aluminium pedals add to the sporty but business-like ambience.


Colour wise, there are two major new trim choices. The first – taken directly from the Geneva concept car – features Brandy-coloured fabric and Morrocana-trimmed seats. The same colour appears on the standard leather steering wheel, and the leather trim can be carried over to the handbrake and gearshift as an optional extra.

All new is the alternative Coffee Bean design. A rich brown, highlighted by contrasting blue stitching, sets the tone. The instrument panel is covered in Coffee Bean Brown, matching the Cocoa Brown velour floor mats.


And you can take the personalisation as far as you want. Almost the whole catalogue of ADAM decals, trims etc., is yours to command - so it’s very possible that no ADAM ROCKS will ever be identical to another.


Sunshine and fresh air

Who needs to feel closed in? The ADAM ROCKS AIR's electric folding canvas roof opens in just seven seconds. In just eight seconds its folded right back to the C pillars.


Enjoy the great wide open cabrio feeling secure in the knowledge that the canvas roof doesn’t alter the structural strength or rigidity one little bit. It doesn’t even try to take space from the hatchback opening. So the new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS AIR keeps all the easy loading abilities of the ADAM.