• Vauxhall GTC in Solid Red

    Exterior Design

    The Vauxhall GTC’s dynamic coupé styling is immediately appealing. The bold shoulder line creates a strong, dynamic impression, while the signature chrome bar with aerodynamic front bumper and trapezoid grille is underlined by the signature daytime running lights and wrap-around headlights.

  • Array of GTC alloy wheel options, from 18 to 20 inches

    Alloy wheels

    Impressive looks demand an impressive set of wheels and GTC doesn’t disappoint. Imposing 18-inch alloys are standard issue and stunning 20-inch designs top the options list.

  • Vauxhall GTC in Solid Red

    VXR Styling

    VXR styling products allow you to connect with the performance and excitement at the heart of the VXR brand. Taking that same ethos as our brief we have created a definitive line-up of VXR styling products that will add a degree of individuality to SRi models. The pack is available as a factory-fit option or as separate accessories fitted by your Vauxhall retailer.

  • Exterior

  • Alloy Wheels

  • VXR Styling

  • View of the GTC’s front cabin

    Interior Design

    The GTC’s pure and overtly sporting exterior receives a powerful echo throughout the interior’s strong lines, with defined textures, unique GTC sports detailing and unashamedly proud contours. Premium quality design cues combine with advanced features to create a sporty yet spacious driving environment guaranteed to invigorate your whole driving experience.

  • Array of GTC fabrics, trims and colours, including Imola Cloth in Morello Red


    GTC’s interior takes its cue from the athletic lines of the body – enhanced by an equally dynamic choice of fabrics, trims and colours.

  • Interior

  • Trims

  • Rear view of GTC on the road


    Poised and precise, the GTC chassis establishes the agile, spirited feel that characterises the car as a whole. The suspension has been tuned to suit the specific demands of UK road surfaces, using specialist input from renowned chassis experts.

  • Close-up of bodywork, showing Astra GTC badge


    With power comes responsibility - so GTC features Vauxhall’s cutting-edge start/stop fuel-saving and emissions-reducing technology. The innovative system switches the engine off when you stop at the lights or in traffic, then restarts it automatically when the clutch is depressed. This is fitted to all manual GTC models.

  • Front view of GTC on the road

    Low Emissions

    The new 1.6CDTi 110PS and 136PS ecoFLEX ‘Whisper diesel’ units boast among the lowest vehicle CO2 emissions in their class.

  • Rear view of the GTC

    Turbo-charged Engines

    GTC drivers can now choose from six powerful yet efficient turbo-charged engines – each matched to a slick six-speed transmission or – on selected power units – a six-speed automatic.

  • Chassis

  • Start/Stop

  • Low Emissions

  • Turbo-Charged Engines

  • Close-up of FlexRide’s Sport button


    With a mere touch of a button, this optional feature allows you to change the GTC’s whole driving dynamics – from ‘Sport’ to ‘Tour’ and back again. Using Continuous Damping Control technology, FlexRide automatically adjusts the dampers for excellent grip. In ‘Tour’ mode, it chooses the best settings for gentler straight-line driving. Switch to ‘Sport’ mode and it instantly sharpens the response of the speed-sensitive steering, accelerator and automatic transmission (if fitted).

  • View of GTC wing mirror with side blind-spot function

    Side Blind-Spot

    Part of our optional Perimeter Protection, this ultrasonic-based system helps prevent a potential collision with a neighbouring vehicle. It continuously screens the blind-spots on both sides of your car and warns you if your indicator suggests you’re about to move into a lane where another car is detected.

  • GTC front-camera system reading speed signs

    Front Camera System

    Lane-departure warning keeps you safe by using GTC’s front camera system to recognise lane boundaries. It sounds a warning if your vehicle leaves its lane unintentionally (i.e. without you indicating). The camera also helps check your speed by reading speed signs. As part of our Driving Assistance Pack, forward- collision alert (FCA) constantly displays the distance to the vehicle in front of you, helping you keep a safe distance. It also warns you if you approach a slower-moving vehicle too fast.

  • Advanced park-assist manoeuvres the GTC into place

    Advanced Park Assist

    Parallel parking will never be the same again. This smart option not only tells you when you drive by a suitably-sized parking space, but also – while you’re parking – shows you how far to turn the steering wheel and how much you can manoeuvre without an unwanted bump.

  • Close-up of GTC headlight

    Adaptive Forward Lighting

    The GTC features a new version of our adaptive forward lighting (AFL) system. The smart AFL headlights change their pattern to suit your environment and the weather. Sensing where you need light most, they can even see round corners. And if a vehicle is coming the other way, they automatically dip.

  • FlexRide

  • Side Blind-Spot

  • Front Camera

  • Advanced Park Assist

  • Adaptive Forward Lighting

  • A GTC driver presses the OnStar Service button


    OnStar offers GTC owners many superb services, including in-car access to a trained advisor 24/7 and 365 days a year, and emergency assistance. You can also take advantage of a 4G in-car wi-fi hotspot that can connect up to seven devices simultaneously.

  • OnStar


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