• New Astra Hatchback, yes it is an Astra
  • Yes, it’s an Astra

    Here’s some videos of the amazing features on the New Astra

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  • Features

  • The new Astra in Power Red

    Form follows desire

    Sharp lines, athletic sculpting and the striking curve of the ‘floating’ roof – the design of the new Astra captures the dynamic potential within. Premium interior and distinctive wheels further enhance its overall appeal.

  • The new Astra in Power Red

    LED signature lights

    Standard LED daytime running lights and unique Vauxhall ‘wing’ signature LED rear lights (optional) add style and visibility.

  • View of the new Astra’s front cabin and the dashboard and steering wheel


    The Astra is tailor-made to put you at ease. Its premium interior sets a new standard in the compact-car class.

  • Selection of the new Astra’s 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels

    Distinctive wheels

    Your car’s contours catch the eye – but your wheels do the talking. Choose from 16”, 17˝ and 18˝ alloy wheels to give your new Astra a powerful presence.

  • Exterior

  • LED Lights

  • Interior

  • Wheels

  • LED Matrix headlights

    IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights adjust automatically, so you can drive on high beam without disturbing other drivers. Together with innovative driver-assistance systems, the new Astra provides a safer, stress-free driving experience.





  • Driver assistance showing forward-collision alert function

    Driver assistance system

    Vauxhall’s front camera system, standard on SRi models and optional on others, includes smart features like traffic sign recognition, following distance indicator, forward collision alert and an active lane-keep assist indicator.





  • Close up of the new Astra’s engine start/stop button

    Keyless Entry & Start

    Convenience means never having to look for your keys. Keyless entry and start1 recognises a key and unlocks your Vauxhall automatically when you get close to it. It also allows you to start and stop your vehicle at the push of a button.

  • Rear view of the New Astra reversing to park

    Advanced park assist

    Vauxhall’s Inch-perfect parking is quicker with our hands-free advanced park assist and rear-view camera technologies1.


  • Driving Assistance

  • Keyless access

  • Parking Pack

  • Wellness Seat

    Multi-adjustable ergonomic AGR front seats and the Power Driver’s Seat in leather with massage and ventilation (both seats optional with the new Astra) enhance your well-being. The new Astra’s numerous wellness features add a little luxury to everyday driving.

  • Hot Stuff   

    Heated front and even rear seats plus a heated steering wheel (standard on Elite and optional on selected trim levels) will keep you warm at all times.

  • Close-up of the new Astra’s AirWellness buttons

    Relax to the max

    Our AirWellness technology transforms your car into a scented room, with Energizing Dark Wood or Balancing Green Tea fragrances. The Powerflex bar modular system also lets you attach a universal smartphone holder (optional) to your centre console.

  • The electric parking brake button

    Electric parking brake

    Our push-button system releases automatically when you pull away. The spacious, up-level mid-console and armrest also add to your comfort and convenience, and are standard on Elite and optional on SRi models.

  • Ergonomic Sport Seats

  • Heated Features

  • Airwellness

  • Electric Parking Brake

  • Overhead view of an ecoFLEX® engine

    Engines that energise

    The all-new Astra offers a powertrain portfolio of petrol and diesel units ranging from 100PS to 200PS, one of the highlights being our 1.6 CDTi ‘Whisper Diesel’ range. You might also be tempted by the 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo (105PS) petrol engine, or our all-new 1.4-litre (150PS) ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo, a four-cylinder unit.

  • Close-up of the new Astra’s gear stick

    Gear up!

    The New Astra transmissions will open your eyes. Choose between our 5-speed or 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions, or our 5-speed Easytronic 3.0®.

    - The 5- or 6-speed manual transmissions run super-smooth and offer outstanding precision.

    - The clutch-free Easytronic 3.0® will even let you enjoy a sporty ride with less than 100g CO2 emissions.

    - Choose our 6-speed automatic transmission for a convenient and highly efficient ride – especially together with our start/stop system.

  • The new Astra’s Sport switch

    Choose your ride

    The new Astra’s Sport switch, standard on selected SRI models, sharpens the throttle response and changes the steering feel for a more dynamic ride.

  • Close-up of the ecoFLEX® logo

    Save fuel

    Just as impressive as the wide range of powertrain options in the new Astra is its ability to control emissions, which start at just 88g/km of CO2. New Astra’s 1.6CDTi start/stop ecoFLEX engine delivers an impressive combined fuel economy of up to 85.6mpg. Another highlight is our 1.0 Turbo start/stop engine with Easytronic transmission, with CO2 emissions of just 96g/km.

  • Engines

  • Transmissions



  • Sport Switch

  • Low Emissions

  • Close-up of new Astra’s seat-heating buttons and front USB ports

    Passenger connections

    On Elite models the rear-seat passengers have two USB sockets all to themselves, ensuring your devices can be charged at all times.

  • Intellilink

  • USB Ports



  • An OnStar service advisor at work

    OnStar, your personal onboard assistant

    The new Astra is the first new Vauxhall model to be available from launch with our personal connectivity and service assistant, OnStar. OnStar offers many services, such as in-car access to an advisor 24/7 and 365 days a year and emergency assistance. You can also take advantage of a 4G in-car wi-fi hotspot, which can connect up to seven devices simultaneously. (Standard on SRi and Elite models, optional on the other trims).

  • OnStar

  • Front view of the new Astra

    Company Car Tax Savings

    The stunning New Astra has arrived, complete with all the attributes desired by company car drivers and fleet managers, including cutting-edge technology, superb powertrains and significant cost savings. New Astra combines P11D prices starting from only £15,240 with Vauxhall’s efficient ecoFLEX engine technology - with CO2 emissions starting from just 88g/km* - offering class-leading Whole Life Costs and Benefit-in-Kind tax bands starting at 14%. Add this to a combined MPG of up to 85.6*, which enables New Astra to run for 942 miles* on a single tank, resulting in tax and fuel-cost optimisation for company car drivers.

  • Collage of New Astra images

    Business Models

    The Vauxhall Business Model Range offers the perfect New Astra for all company car drivers whatever the requirements. The Design model offers tax-busting  low P11D prices, while the Tech Line offers all the equipment company car drivers need for business on the road, including Vauxhall OnStar technology. These models are paired with ecoFLEX engine technology, meaning CO2 emissions start from 88g/km* to ensure tax and fuel savings.

  • New Astra’s spacious cabin, highlighting its minimalist design aesthetic

    Company Car Test Drive

    Designed specifically for company car drivers, the Vauxhall FREE^^ Three Day Test Drive enables you to experience the New Astra’s stylish design and advanced technology as part of your everyday routine and for a meaningful length of time.

  • Company Car Tax Savings

  • Business models

  • Company Car Test Drive




Class-leading connectivity

The R 4.0 IntelliLink® comes as standard in nearly every new Astra:


  • 7” colour touchscreen
  • Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto
  • Bluetooth, USB, and aux in
  • Hands free phoning


The Navi 900 IntelliLink® system gives you even more must have tech:


  • 8” colour touchscreen
  • Built in navigation system
  • Voice control
  • 4.2” colour display in driver’s instrument cluster integrates audio, phone and navigation
  • Shark fin antenna
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto


Compatibility and certain functionalitites may differ depending on the type of device and version of operating system.


Wellness Seat

Ergonomic AGR front seats for drivers and passengers are certified by the German company, AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) – a centre of excellence for ergonomics. The seats offer a wide range of adjustment options, including lumbar support and seat-cushion extension, letting you fine-tune your favourite position. The Power Driver’s Seat option lets you add more luxury with in-seat massage ventilation and a memory function for your personal settings.


Driving Assistance

Traffic sign recognition: This advanced sign-detection system displays speed limits and other traffic signs and even recognizes temporary electronic signs.


Following distance indication: Measures the distance to the car in front and warns you via the central display screen if the distance becomes critical.


Forward collision alert with automatic city emergency braking: In certain circumstances and at speeds above 5mph warns when approaching another vehicle too quickly. At speeds above 5mph and up to 53mph the system provides additional braking support to help the driver brake more quickly and effectively in an emergency situation. At speeds above 5mph and up to 37mph if no avoiding action is taken by the driver, the system automatically slows the vehicle with emergency braking.


Active lane-keep assist: Warns and provides gentle steering-wheel pushback if you drift out of your lane.




IntelliLux LED® Matrix headlights adjust automatically, so you can drive on high beam without disturbing other drivers.


Vauxhall puts intelligent technology to work where it counts:


  • Your headlights comprise 16 separate LED elements
  • They react to other vehicles by switching-off single LEDs
  • Your high beam is glare-free all the time
  • Cornering lights further enhance your safety
  • You enjoy optimum lighting in all situations
  • Driving at night is safer and much more relaxed
  • Outstanding reliability ensures maximum LED life