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  • Red Viva 5-door from the side

    5 Doors

    Just think of the Vauxhall VIVA as insanely rational. It has everything you need, including five doors, five seats, class-leading comfort, ride and handling, together with class-defining assistance technology.

  • Close up shot looking through the VIVA’s tinted sunroof with clouds reflecting off it

    The sky is yours

    Want to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine or moonlight? Simply touch a button to operate the VIVA’s generous sunroof. An automatic wind deflector keeps you unruffled – and if there’s too much sun, just use the sunshade.

  • Close up of VIVA’s left sparkling headlamp

    Distinctive and impressive

    Be seen and be safe. Daylight running lights add style to your improved visibility and safety.

  • Count on Viva

    Experience the active safety of cornering lights that show more of every bend. Drive dazzle-free in mist, fog or low visibility with stylishly inset front fog-lamps.

  • Impressive low shot of a red VIVA in the sunlight







    Beautifully simple

    With the clear design of VIVA you drive in style. It’s the latest expression of Vauxhall design philosophy of sculptural artistry with German precision.

  • New 5-Door Viva

  • Sunroof

  • Visibility

  • Exterior Lighting

  • Luxurious touch

  • "The small engine was lively and size did not seem to matter. The car was easy and fun to drive. Overall road handling was good and the steering was very light and responsive. The VIVA is excellent value for money."


    Michael, 8/10*





    *Reviews are from pre-launch testers

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  • Viva loves curves

    Enjoy responsive power and outstanding agility. The ultra-compact VIVA is a perfect size for city driving – and our push-button City Mode lowers your steering effort to make driving effortlessly responsive.

  • Sun bleached interior shot of the VIVA from the passenger door







    Ready to travel

    Big-car ride, great handling and refined manners make VIVA ideal for longer distances, too. Designed and built to feel a class higher, the VIVA has the comfort to take you places.

  • VIVA safety features

    Prepared for your safety

    VIVA's big-car attitude includes full-size safety. Six airbags, ABS, ESP®Plus, hill-start assist, lane-departure warning and fog-lamps with automatically activated cornering lights.

  • Reevoo

  • City mode

  • Driving comfort

  • Safety

  • Impressive low shot of a red VIVA in the sunlight








    Park like a pro

    Rear park assist technology – another of our king-size VIVA safety features – warns you of objects behind the car.

  • Wide shot from above of the VIVA in a car park spiral.

    Don't roll back

    Pull away cleanly every time – even on hills. Our hill-start assist feature keeps you firmly in place until you accelerate.

  • Stay on course

    Lane-departure warning signals if you stray towards the lane boundary without indicating.

  • Cruise control and speed-limiter

    Avoid penalty points by setting a constant cruising speed. And let your VIVA speed-limiter keep you within urban speed limits. VIVA delivers the full benefits of cruise control with speed-limiter.

  • Rear park assist

  • Hill-start assist

  • Lane-Departure

  • Stay Legal

  • Shot of the back seats from the window spliced with a shot of the full VIVA interior from the side.

    5 seats, please

    Five seats and 40/60 split rear-seat folding. It’s all part of VIVA’s lifestyle flexibility.

  • A close up of the VIVA steering wheel and dashboard, with everything lit up.

    A warm welcome

    Our heated steering-wheel is unique in this class. Having warm fingers when the weather turns cold is a great feeling – and one of many that VIVA offers.

  • Close up of the temperature controls on the VIVA dashboard






    Constant comfort

    Stay focused. Precise electronic climate control lets you set the perfect temperature – and hold it. Manual air-conditioning is also available.

  • Shot of the two back seats folded down, revealing a spacious boot spliced with a shot of the single seat folded down and shots of the VIVA glove compartment.




    Space for everything

    Up to 1,013 litres of luggage space is easy to reach through five doors – and it’s flexibly arranged, with a folding rear bench or split folding seats.

  • Sun bleached interior shot of the VIVA from the passenger door spliced with a close up of the seat-heating buttons

    Warm away the winter

    With heated front seats, cold weather no longer chills the soul – another plus point for VIVA, and one you can appreciate all year round.

  • 5 seats

  • A Warm Welcome

  • Climate Control

  • Versatility

  • Heated seats

  • VIVA OnStar


    OnStar offers many services, such as in-car access to an advisor 24/7 and 365 days a year and emergency assistance. You can also take advantage of a 4G in-car wi-fi hotspot, which can connect up to seven devices simultaneously.

  • Vauxhall VIVA System Player

    R4.0 Intellilink

    R4.0 IntelliLink is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and with a 7-inch colour touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Apple CarPlay puts key iPhone features on the vehicle’s display, allowing drivers to make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music, either from the touchscreen or by voice, via Siri.

  • Close up shot of the radio.

    Radio R300 BT

    VIVA puts you in contact and stays connected. Our R300 BT radio adds USB and Bluetooth® so you can stream music and make hands-free calls through your personal devices.

  • Close up shot of the VIVA steering wheel controls.

    Fingertip control

    Hands-free calling and full audio-system access are so much easier with our ergonomic steering-wheel control. Access your phone book and audio, while keeping both hands firmly on the wheel.

  • OnStar

  • R4.0 IntelliLink

  • Stream Team

  • Fingertip Control


Flexible Personal Lease

Always drive the latest vehicles


If you like to always be driving the latest Vauxhall, our car-leasing offer could be the answer. Just pay a modest advance rental followed by fixed monthly amounts tailored to suit your budget, across 24, 36 or 48-month repayment periods. Then, at the end of your contract, just return the vehicle to us and start the process all over again.