New Vivaro on the road

Episode 1

The team sets off from Clogherhead, Ireland – the most westerly point in Europe accessible to vehicles – and gradually makes its way across Europe to Baku, Azerbaijan.

A member of the team in the desert

Episode 2

Crossing the Caspian Sea slowly, the team gets a chance to relax after some exhausting driving. They prepare themselves for the dirt roads and desert tracks that lie ahead.

Khiva, Uzbekistan

Episode 3

The team stops to marvel at the Darvaza crater in Turkmenistan, then makes its way to the ancient city of Khiva, Uzbekistan, where they’re warmly greeted by merchants with camels. Next stop is their half-way point, Almaty.

New Vivaro in the waters

Episode 4

Just over a month into their journey, the team enters Kazakhstan. They detour through Russia to Mongolia, where the tough New Vivaros negotiate dirt tracks, hills, rocks and rivers with ease.

The team enjoying the view

Episode 5

On the Road of Bones, the team stops off to help a hospital with much-needed medical supplies. Finally, with more off-road terrain and river-crossings behind them, they reach their destination, Magadan – after 12,000 miles, two continents and 21 countries. Bravo!