The Team

At the heart of the team taking on the Siberia challenge are our three Heroes, ex-servicemen and women who were injured in active service. With their own reasons for making the journey, they bring the extra desire to push the team and their vehicles to the limit, all in aid of Help for Heroes.

Ian Wright

47, from Kent
Former Lance Corporal


Ian served for 9 years, and was a Radio Operator and driver for the Royal Signals in the 1st Gulf War.


Ian’s found staying active helps his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and hopes that the trip will boost his self-confidence.


“I find that when I’m part of a team and challenging my boundaries the effects of my symptoms are easier to handle”.

Kes Bradley

41, from Yorkshire
Former Sergeant


Kes served for 17 years as a theatre nurse in the Royal Army Medical Corps and toured in Afghanistan. She’s now a personal trainer.


Kes is taking part to push herself, and help others with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder do the same. She’s looking forward to visiting new countries and hopes to learn more about herself.

Mac Mackenney

Team leader


Since childhood, Mac has dreamt of pursuing a lifetime of adventure.


He has driven across continents, deserts, mountains and the Arctic, and led teams in establishing four long-distance driving records. He was also part of the first team to swim an amphibious vehicle across the Bering Strait.

Paul Marsh



Paul has worked with Mac on several expeditions and has over 20 years’ experience of vehicle-based travel in the remotest places on the planet.


Paul has worked as a safari guide in Botswana, where he learnt to repair vehicles on the fly, without the necessary parts. His skills will be invaluable.

Rich Wain-Hobson

Doctor and photographer


Rich caught the travel bug while he was still at medical school. He spent a term working in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi and hasn’t looked back.


Although this is Rich’s first trip with Max Adventure, his most recent expedition involved driving to South Africa, so he’s no stranger to difficult roads.


Tony Mole

Vauxhall mechanic


When the team visited Vauxhall’s van plant in Luton to check out the New Vivaros, Tony asked if they needed a mechanic. The answer was unanimous.


Tony has been repairing Vauxhalls for 25 years and knows the inside of the New Vivaro better than anyone. His knowledge will be invaluable.


Local Guides

In Azerbaijan and beyond they will also be joined by local guides. Not only will they provide the knowledge to navigate any tricky situations, but they’ll give the team the chance to experience the local culture of each new country.