New Insignia Features

With standout looks, improved efficiency, enhanced safety and an all-round great drive. Let’s get down to business.

Bold Exterior

Look sharper

The New Insignia has outstanding looks with New sleeker styling. New lighter body. Wider, lower and longer than before. New Insignia Grand Sport - a dynamic presence on the road.

Interior & Comfort

Extra comfort

Behind the wheel, you’ll soon see what it’s all about. An ergonomically designed cockpit with controls that fall easily to hand. Not to mention front seats that can be adjusted up to 8 different ways; they can even be ventilated and give you a massage.

Stylish Wheels

Drive in style

The New Insignia comes with trendy 17, 18 and 20-inch alloy wheels. And with an emergency tyre inflation kit as standard, you'll always be prepared. 

Dual pinion electrical power steering

Exciting driving

Light steering, effortless acceleration, road-hugging grip, and new optional 9 speed automatic transmission. And the new GSi model comes with a powerful 230hp turbo engine – for a smoother drive.

FlexRide System

Pick your power

Thanks to the FlexRide* system, the New Insignia offers drivers the choice of four distinct driving modes – Normal, Sport, Tour and Competition mode. Long journeys? Quick drives? We have you covered.


*Available on 2.0 (200/230PS) engines only.


Enjoy the ride

The New Insignia has a new sophisticated 9-speed automatic with paddle shift which enables increased drive comfort and improved fuel economy. For extra reliability the transmission has been engineered to help reduce the amount of splash losses, hydraulic losses and the amount of torsional vibrations.


Connect your way

Turn up the tunes with New Insignia. Access your music and apps through Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™. Control your integrated sat-nav with your voice. Need to charge your phone? Just slot it in the wireless charging dock.

Handsfree calls

Peace of mind

The New Insignia have embedded Handsfree calls via steering wheel controls so you can speak with your family and friends while on the move. Stay in touch.

Emergency Call

Help in emergency

The New Insignia will always look after you. If the car senses that you need the emergency services, like when airbags are triggered, it instantly dials 999 and sends your location. Or you can press the Emergency Call button yourself if required.

Eco LED lights

Safety first

The New Insignia wants to keep you safe. Poor visibility? Night time driving? No problem. Every New Insignia comes fitted with eco LED headlights as standard keeping you safe at night.

Automatic emergency braking

Slow down automatically

An advanced automatic city emergency braking system scans traffic ahead of you. The instant it detects an impending collision, the system helps the driver brake more quickly and effectively in an emergency. Clever tech that gives you more confidence. 

Front and rear parking sensors

Easier parking

The New Insignia looks after you, with intelligent sensors helping you reverse into tight parking spaces also alerting you when coming into contact with obstructions and pedestrians.