Keeps Calm Carries Omm with Grandland X


“I used to be a sceptic, but now I’m a mindfulness convert!” Colin Murray releases new mindfulness podcast series with Vauxhall Motors to help drivers “keep calm and carry omm”

TV and radio presenter Colin Murray has teamed up with Vauxhall Motors to launch a new podcast series that delves into some of the challenges the UK’s 48m drivers face everyday.


While Brits spend over three years of their lives in their cars, the ‘Keeps Calm, Carries Omm’ podcasts aim to show drivers how they can use their journeys to dip into the mindfulness trend and tackle everyday challenges on the road.


It's also calculatd Brits spend 32 hours of their life in traffic withresearch showing 'jams' as the UK’s number one driving bug bear – resulting in higher stress, tiredness and frustration.


The four-part series has been created in partnership with mindfulness expert and wellness coach Jody Shield – and covers topics such as traffic jams, a weekend getaway with noisy kids and the daily commute.


Vauxhall’s new podcasts have been inspired by the brand’s new SUV the Grandland X – which, 'Keeps Calm. Carries On.' has thanks to features such as wireless phone charging and hands-free power tailgate.


Each episode sees Colin and Jody share their own highs and lows from their time on the road – from being in a back seat interviewing Sir Paul McCartney and helping to choose his latest single, to being stuck in traffic and late to interview Anthony Joshua after his world champion win against Klitschko in 2017.


Speaking of the series, Colin commented: “As a big fan of driving I know it can sometimes be challenging trying to battle traffic jams and long hours on the road – or even keeping calm when Liverpool have just lost a game!  So it was really interesting to delve into these scenarios and find some helpful tips to help me gear up for journeys that might be stressful.”

Episode guide to Vauxhall's Keeps Calm, Carries Omm podcast series for the Grandland X: 

1. The Daily Commute

Did you know the average Brit spends 400 days of their life commuting? In this first episode we look at how to battle the daily commute and keep calm when trying to get to and from work, including Colin’s tips from years of commuting to live radio.

2. Being On Time

Some handy life hacks for those trying to fit it all in and be everywhere at once. Life can be pretty busy and getting from A to B sometimes is just as stressful. Listen to Colin and Jody’s experience of juggling busy workloads and their tips for making sure your stress and not on the road.

3. A Drive with the Kids 

Are we there yet? How to stay calm when the little ones are driving you crazy on the road. Join Jody and Colin as they give you their inside tips on how to keep the little ones amused and practise mindfulness together.

4. The Sunday Drive

Planning a solo weekend drive? Listen to Colin and Jody’s tips on making the most of relaxing weekend drives to practice some in-car mindfulness and take stock of the week.

The Grandland X is the latest SUV from Vauxhall Motors, and is the embodiment of the typically British phrase ‘Keeps Calm. Carries On’. It comes with features such as the IntelliLink infotainment system, heated windscreen, seats and steering wheel, wireless phone charging and hands-free power tailgate.


Jeremy Townsend, Communications Director, at Vauxhall Motors, said: “We all know life can throw challenging moments at us; whether it’s getting to and from work, a long drive with the kids or just trying to keep up to date with your social diary.


“We decided to take a look at some of these situations we all face daily, and aim to give some tips to help drivers just keep calm and carry on, whether you’re in the car or outside of it.”