Packing over 3000 horsepower from its 8.8-litre, twin-turbocharged GM V8 engine, 'Red Victor 3' - a highly modified version of Vauxhall's original 1967 Victor FD - appeared at the Power Festival to herald a new partnership between Vauxhall's VXR brand and the Red Victor 3 team in the MSA Pro-Modified Drag Series, with a car that is still street legal. Yes, that's right: street legal.

While the car is still in development, the Red Victor 3 team is predicting a top speed, to begin with, of 240mph in the quarter-mile, which it should achieve in 6.5 seconds. And there's no reason to doubt it: the team's last project, Red Victor 2, was capable of nearly 200mph in the quarter-mile and 0-153mph in 4.8 seconds.