The VXRacing legacy

VXRacing became the most successful team of the modern BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) era. Its record-breaking achievements included being crowned Triple Champions every year from 2001 to 2004, and yet again in 2008. And VXRacing clocked up twice as many fastest laps as its nearest competitor. Check out these facts:

VXR takes the experience, knowledge and passion gained from racing and crystallizes it in a range of performance road cars. A VXR driver's experience is completely visceral. The driver feels it, sees it and hears it. The moment the VXR communicates precisely how much grip there is the driver can balance the car with an exact, measured and controlled response. Driver and car work in perfect harmony. It takes commitment, expertise and depth of resource to create cars like this and VXR is an important part of GM's global performance family, from HSV in Australia to OPC in Germany.

VXR engineers know how to use the latest advances in automotive technology in a way that won't detach the driver from the essential buzz of performance driving. They're the kind of people you want developing your next performance car. Iconic performance and racing cars are part of Vauxhall's heritage and VXR is the latest strand of this DNA.