Here’s what to check ahead of your MOT:


  1. Lights: Check all lights are working properly - headlights, sidelights, rear lights, hazard light, indicators and brake lights. Ask a friend to help with brake lights in particular.
  2. Number plates: Ensure the number plates are readable and clean.
  3. Wheels and tyres: Check the wheels and tyres are free of damage, and that your tyre tread depth is 2mm or over.
  4. Windscreen: Check there is no windscreen damage larger than 10mm in front of the driver and 40mm across the rest of the screen.
  5. Windscreen wipers: Check there aren’t any tears or holes in the rubber of front and rear wipers. They need to be able to keep your windscreen clean.
  6. Screenwash: Top up the screenwash before having an MOT – if it’s empty, you can fail an MOT.
  7. Fuel and engine oil: Check the fuel and engine oil levels are okay, as technicians will need them both to test the vehicle’s emissions levels.
  8. Seats and seatbelts: All seatbelts should be undamaged and lock if you tug them. The driver’s seat should be adjustable forwards and backwards too.
  9. Horn: Check your horn with a short blast. If it doesn’t work, it’ll need to be repaired.
  10. Instrument warning lights: Check your lights all come on then go off when you turn the ignition key, and check your speedometer is working too.


If you need anything checked ahead of your MOT, your local Vauxhall Retailer is on hand to help.