Free Safety Check

Don’t be left in the cold this winter.
Book your Winter Safety Check today.

Winter can bring a whole new set of worries. With the colder weather and the icy conditions, it’s more important than ever to keep your Vauxhall running smoothly. Book a comprehensive 29-point winter check that will cover all your car's essential components including:


  • Tyres – We’ll check the overall condition of your tyres including the tread depth and pressure.
  • Wheels – Check for hidden pothole damage.
  • Battery – Ensuring your battery is working and charging correctly.
  • Fluids – We will check the levels of your car's vital fluids and top -up six of them including screenwash, anti-freeze and engine oil.
  • Wiper bladers – To check they are not split or worn.
  • Lights – To ensure all lights are working correctly.
FREE Bronze Essentials Winter Safety Check 
A thorough 15-point check that covers your important components, including tyres, brakes and battery.
Silver Winter Safety Check for just £29
A full 29-point check, full vehicle disinfection & vital fluid top up.††

Gold Winter Safety Check for just £49

Everything you get in a Silver Check, plus a FREE mini winter kit and a £30 voucher off your next service.


Winter Safety Check for just £45 plus FREE Winter Pack

As well as a comprehensive 29-point check and vital fluids top-up by our experts, you’ll also receive a Free Winter Pack which includes de-icer, a screenwash pod and ice-breaker.

Safety Check

Ensuring your Vauxhall is safe to drive all year round is important, so don't wait until your next service to make sure everything is at its best.

Online Booking

With online booking, you can make an appointment to see your local Vauxhall trained technicians in a few simple steps.
Lights / Electrical
External lights 
Internal light
Wipers and washers
Heating ventilation and A/C

External / Internal
Brake noise / feel
Clutch / transmission operation
Engine noise / smoke
Glass / mirrors
Seat belts – security and operation
Under Bonnet
Fluid levels – oil / coolant / screenwash
Fluid leaks – oil / water
Battery condition / security 
Drive belts
Brakes / Hubs
Brake fluid condition / temperature
Master cylinder / servo
Linings – pads / shoes
Discs / drums
Hoses / pipes / cables / wheel bearings
Steering / suspension
Drive shafts / gaiters
Oil leaks
Exhaust system / catalyst 
Wheels / Tyres
Nearside front
Offside front
Nearside rear
Offside rear
Tyre pressures (check & adjust accordingly)
Check tyre inflation kit
Fluid top-up (where needed)

Brake fluid
Engine oil
Clutch fluid
Power steering fluid