Insignia Owner’s Manual

Your Insignia owner’s manual gives you all the information you need to drive your Vauxhall Insignia safely and efficiently. That includes information on topics like servicing, instructions and technical information.

Each car comes with an owner’s manual in book format, which you receive when the car is first registered. If it’s lost or not passed over to you at the point of sale, you can view the full owner’s manual online.


You can also buy the manual to keep in your glove box at your local Vauxhall Retailer or through our official online store.

Choose the owner’s manual you need according to dates below. They show when each manual was published, so you should pick the one that corresponds with when your Insignia was built.

Your Insignia owner’s manual covers the following sections:

  • In brief gives you quick reference information on how to operate your Insignia’s various instruments, seats and keys, as well as how to open the boot.

  • Keys, doors and windows walks you through the controls on each of these, such as all the things you can do with just your Insignia’s key, moving the mirrors, activating the child lock and the buttons that control these.

  • Seats, restraints includes how-to diagrams for adjusting the headrests, your seat position and seat belts, as well as how to collapse the seats when you’re loading the car and information on airbags. If you’re travelling with kids, this section gives you information on child seats, deactivating the front airbag and how to use the ISOFIX system.

  • Storage is a handy section for finding all of the storage compartments in the car, including those around your driver’s seat and the boot floor cover. If you want to add storage systems such as net pockets or hooks inside your boot, those diagrams are here too. It also has information and diagrams on how to set up the rear bike carrier if you have one fitted, including the maximum bike weight it can carry, and how to use the roof rack system. (Tow bar information is under Driving and Operating.)

  • Instruments and controls takes you through each control in the car, as well as how to change the infotainment settings and what each warning light means. So if you need to find out how to do something or learn what a dashboard symbol or code means, check this section. If you use your Insignia’s trip computer to track trip mileage or mpg, you can find out how to reset it here, and if your Insignia has OnStar, all the great functionality is explained here so you can make the most of it.

  • Lighting, as you’d expect, runs you through all the light controls and symbols. You can also find out how to set path lighting, where the lights illuminate the surrounding area for a short time after you lock the car.

  • Climate control explains each control and shows the best ways to demist or cool your car using the climate control system. The location of the pollen filter under the bonnet is also shown in a diagram, with information on how to check the climate control system to keep it in good working order.

  • Driving and operating takes you through the pedals and gear controls, different driving modes, cruise control and speed limited. It also includes information on clearing the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and how to use park assist. For tow bars, there are driving-while-towing tips, load information and diagrams for using the system.

  • Vehicle care is packed with tips and how-tos for looking after your car. That includes topping up fluids, replacing wiper blades and bulbs and using the tyre repair kit or spare wheel. For more information on tyres, see car tyres.

  • Service and maintenance provides information on your Insignia’s service interval on the first page of this section. There’s also information on engine oil and fluids.

  • Technical data covers information about where to find your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate and what this information means as well as fluid specifications, engine data, dimensions and tyre sizes and pressures.

  • Index is an A to Z of all the content in the owner’s manual, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for with ease.


The team at your local Vauxhall Retailer are on hand to help if you’re looking for servicing, tyres, parts or repairs.