ADAM ROCKS AIR in White my Fire
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Ready, set... relax!

The new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS wasn’t just built to look good. This urban mini-crossover has top-of the-class comfort and driver-assistance features that’ll make your drive even more unique.

Interior view of the ADAM ROCKS

Light show at night

Optional ambient lighting illuminates the passenger footwell, the console storage and the door pockets in colours which match your interior trim. Light intensity changes depending on whether the doors are open or closed, and you can change the colour at a flick of a button.

On the safe side

The new ADAM ROCKS features three airbag systems to protect you and your passengers: front airbags, pelvis/thorax side airbags and curtain airbags. The new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS is also one of the first cars in its class to have two seat belt pre-tensioners, helping to control body movement in a frontal crash. Most cars only have one pre-tensioner per front seat.

ADAM ROCKS heating switch in the main console

Heat things up

Don’t just heat the steering wheel - heat the front seats while you’re at it. Within one minute this luxury feature will have your hands warm. A switch in the main console activates the heated steering wheel and heated front seats.

Give your back a break

The ADAM ROCKS’ front and rear seats are a totally new design and use high-quality, high-density foam to provide extra comfort for your back, especially on long journeys.