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High-tech for a high performer

Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS smart technology makes driving a joy. It includes Advanced Park Assist for ADAM ROCKS UNLIMITED, which automatically steers you into your chosen parking space.

Driver assistance for parking

Parking just got fun

Optional Advanced Park Assist II finds a parking space for your ADAM ROCKS UNLIMITED and steers you into the slot. ADAM does the steering – you simply control acceleration, deceleration and gear changes.


Park Pilot, our standard rear parking assistance feature, is also there for you when you need it. Sensors at the rear help detect obstacles, while a beep lets you know how far away you are from them.

New ADAM ROCKS City Mode

Cruise through the city

Choose City Mode to increase power to the steering and reduce the effort of steering at low speeds. Just flip the switch on the dashboard and enjoy a perfect ride in the city.

ADAM ROCKS Start/Stop Technology

Stop and save

Start/Stop helps you save fuel, especially in city traffic. The engine stops when the car comes to a standstill with transmission in neutral and starts instantly as soon as you activate the clutch. Activate and deactivate the system via a button on the instrument panel.

Fuel-speed steering

ADAM ROCKS’ electric power steering (EPS) adds or subtracts torque according to the driving conditions. The result is a more pleasant driving experience with reduced driver workload and increased precision feel.

ADAM ROCKS Blind Side Spot Assistant

Easy lane changes

An ultrasonic blind spot assistant helps you avoid a crash with a vehicle in the neighbouring lane by screening your blind spots. The blind spot assistant warns you when it sees a potential danger, so have one thing less to worry about.

ADAM ROCKS Hill Start Assist

We back you

Hill-start assist, fitted as standard, helps you pull away or park on a slope without using the handbrake. Releasing the brake pedal maintains the brake pressure for up to two seconds to prevent backward moving.

ADAM ROCKS Climate Control

Keep it warm or keep it cool

The optional electronic climate control (ECC) keeps the right climate constant and is easy to operate. The controls - developed by Vauxhall and a ‘first’ in the industry - compute the on-board climate and adjust it to your desired settings.