ADAM ROCKS AIR interior view of dashboard and Siri Eyes Free logo

ADAM ROCKS and Siri Eyes Free

When you choose to have IntelliLink fitted in your Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS you get the benefit of a new voice recognition function called, Siri Eyes-Free. This software can be run through iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 6.*

With Siri Eyes Free you can now talk to your ADAM ROCKS and have it answer you directly.


Siri Eyes-Free voice recognition has been developed to make driving safer and more comfortable. It can make appointments, send and read text messages and email or simply play songs you have saved on your device.


The software is activated by a button mounted on the steering wheel. Once activated, it is voice-controlled, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. You simply give Siri Eyes Free your command and wait for the response.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  1. Phone
    “Call Jason.”

  2. iPod/Music
    “Play, ‘The Light of the Sun’.”

  3. Messages
    “Read that message.” (Reads received SMS.)
    “Tell Susan, ‘I’ll be right there’.” (Replies to SMS.)

  4. Notifications
    “Read that notification I just received.”

  5. Calendar
    “Set up a meeting at nine.”

  6. Reminders
    “Remind me to call Mum.”

  7. Email
    “Email Lisa about the trip.”

  8. Weather
    “What’s the temperature in London today?”

  9. Clock, alarm, and timer
    “Wake me up tomorrow at 7am.”

  10. Address Book
    “What’s Michael’s address?”

  11. Notes
    “Note that I spent £12 on lunch.”

  12. Apple Maps
    “Are we nearly there yet?”

Siri Eyes Free lets you get things done while you’re behind the wheel. You can use it even if you have another app running at the time. While activated, Siri Eyes Free mutes music and navigation sounds. For your safety, it does not display text or pictures on your iOS device. Siri Eyes Free works with most of your device’s built-in apps and is smart enough to know which app to use to get you the answer you need. However, it is not compatible with BringGo, Stitcher or Tune-In applications on IntelliLink.


Siri Eyes Free requires a 3G or Wi-Fi internet connection.