ADAM S negotiates the winding roads of Snowdonia

ADAM S Road Tests

ADAM S takes on Snowdonia and the Daytona Motorsport track

The ADAM S is the most powerful version of Vauxhall’s funkiest supermini – powerful, nimble and packed with sporty touches – so we decided to put our ‘pocket rocket’ to the ultimate test.


First, we headed to Snowdonia National Park, to navigate the tough roads around Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales. Then we returned to England and the Daytona Motorsport go-kart track in Milton Keynes, to test our supermini’s agility.


Watch ADAM S take on Snowdonia and the Daytona Motorsport track below

A closer look at ADAM S

ADAM S has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a compact 1.4-litre capacity. It will still deliver 150PS and 220Nm to those 18-inch front tyres – plenty for a mid-sized family car. But with a kerbweight of just 1178kg, the ADAM S can achieve zero to 62mph in 8.5 seconds, and go up to 130mph if conditions allow.


Our car is equipped with the optional IntelliLink infotainment system, which lets you bring your smartphone apps to its seven-inch touchscreen. Just download compatible apps, plug in your phone or tablet, and they’re there. The BringGo navigation app is particularly handy on a long trip over the unfamiliar roads ahead.


Watch a closer look at the ADAM S below

ADAM S in action

ADAM S really comes alive in North Wales. Its steering is nicely weighted, so you can feel the front tyres really grip as it swoops round corners. It’s hard not to warm to its personality.


Next, we head to the Daytona Motorsport go-kart track in Milton Keynes, where former National Karting Champion, Richard Brunning, is our guide to the International Circuit’s 11 challenging corners.


I enjoy taking a go-kart round the track – but in some ways, the ADAM S is easier to drive. Its suspension lets you bounce over kerbs without jolts, the power-assisted steering is easier to control, and the ABS brakes mean no risk of locking the tyres.


I can feel my lap-time improving as I hit the track again. But this isn’t a clear-cut victory for either the go-kart or the ADAM S – I score a best of 1min 13.8sec in the ADAM S, just half a second shy of the go-kart. Woo!


Proof that the ADAM S is every bit as entertaining as a go-kart, but with a whole lot more character.