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Auto Express (November 2016)


“As an affordable and fun family hatchback the Astra makes a fine choice.”


“This 1.0-litre SRi model is arguably the pick of the line-up, thanks to its blend of gutsy performance, agile handling, sharp looks and a generous amount of standard equipment.”


Alphr & Carbuyer Car Tech Awards (2016)


Tech Car of the Year – “Quite simply, you can't get more tech in a car for less than £25,000. And even if you dig deep into the options list, you’ll find those must-have extras are well priced too. The new Vauxhall Astra is our affordable tech hero.”


Best Safety Innovation – “It's not cheap to engineer safety into a car, which makes it all the more impressive how a car such as the Vauxhall Astra is able to deliver such remarkable features at a comparatively low price.”


Fleet World (October 2016)
“From the convenience of OnStar assistance, to the long distance comfort and refinement, the cabin space and the excellent infotainment system with its Apple and Android connectivity, we’ve found it’s an incredibly easy car to live with. Factor in a diesel engine which, on a gentle motorway drive, can reach almost 80 mpg, and it adds up to an extraordinarily impressive value proposition.”


“Clean, efficient, a great all-rounder. Very quiet, well equipped, low C02, simpler line-up. Re-establishing its credibility, it is a big improvement over its predecessor.”  


What Car? - (September 2016)


“The Vauxhall Astra is a well-rounded, good value family hatch that offers plenty of room at an affordable price.”


"The Vauxhall Astra is the most fuel efficient car we've tested under our new True MPG test procedure."


Fleet World (September 2016)

“I’ve been really impressed with our Astra’s technological add-ons, and particularly with OnStar. It’s brilliant, to the extent that a quick call to one of Vauxhall’s operatives is easier than manually entering destinations into the sat nav. Once you’ve had it, you’ll struggle to go back.
It’s intuitive, quick to respond and the Apple CarPlay integration is one of the best on the market.”


Fleet News (September 2016)

“The Astra’s three-cylinder engine gives a surprisingly strong performance, with plenty of power delivered low down the rev range. Noise from the engine is subdued in everyday use, adding to the refined feel, but when worked harder it produces a distinctive, pleasant thrum.”

Fleet News (August 2016)

“The Astra is good to drive, efficient, practical and comfortable, while its whole-life costs are competitive.”


Business Car (August 2016)

“The seventh-generation Astra brought a renewed focus in interior quality and a raft of new technology when it was launched last year. It’s also the cheapest of our list, with the best residual values and lowest whole-life costs.
Value for money is a key strength and there’s plenty of useful kit on offer in this fleet-specific TechLine trim.”


Business Car (August 2016)

“Astra’s residual values of 32.7% beat the main rivals, while the low P11D means whole-life costs are spectacularly lower than the comparable Golf and Focus”


Fleet World - June 2016


"In addition to the obvious fleet safety benefits of being able to press an 'SOS' button if you're in trouble and having someone on the end of the line if you need anything at all - location advice, the nearest refuelling stop etc - it also has built in Wi-Fi, through a 4G-LTE connection."


"It also means happily streaming all your favourite smartphone music through the excellent CarPlay system, so long journeys pass by far more enjoyably than they otherwise would."


"New Astra continues to impress with its refinement, the general excellence of the 1.0-litre petrol turbo engine and the easy 50+mpg it offers."


Fleet News (May 2016)


"Our long-term Astra last week passed the 7,000-mile mark, and it has done little to dent the positive impression it made in its first couple of months with us. Its interior build quality has continued to meet our initial high expectations, with no squeaks or rattles developing, while the materials used continue to appear durable. It's a vastly improved car in every aspect, when compared to its predecessor."


Business Car - April 2016


“Throw in tidy handling and decent comfort levels and more than merely being a job-need tool, it should be a car that many fleet users will be happy to choose - especially thanks to its very low whole-life costs and BIK-shrinking low list prices.”


“Hitting the M56 in typically grey, traffic-heavy conditions that fleet drivers will be only too used to, the Astra felt like a pleasant place to be, with a large-screen, intuitive satnav system.”


“…the 136hp 1.6-litre diesel under the bonnet proved satisfyingly punchy, while refinement levels are high. The gear change, steering and pedals all feel nicely weighted too.”


Top Gear Magazine – April 2016. Astra SRi 1.6 200PS


“…it certainly feels light and agile enough…Vauxhall seems to have spent its money on making the Astra as comfortable, quiet and refined as possible.”


“…It’s a most agreeable place in which to spend time, with little wind, road or engine noise, a smooth ride and a well-made, comfortable cabin. But you’ll know this if you’ve read our many other reviews.”


Paul Horrell, Top Gear Magazine: European Car of the Year Award Juror - April 2016.


“…the Astra is worthy of the CotY award. It has GM’s paradigm-shifting OnStar system, which brings a free high-speed wi-fi hotspot into the car, plus instant contact to a real human who will programme your nav system so you don’t have to. Or indeed do you a bit of light Googling. And who knows where you are so can tell you useful stuff locally without the hopeless scrolling of using on-line systems on car screens.”


“…It’s light and efficient, and brings some good technologies at low prices. I think its connectivity – OnStar and screen interface – represents a step-change and will be of real benefit to millions of family and business buyers. It looks good too.”


Business Car March 2016. New Astra 1.6i Turbo 200hp Elite Nav


“The New Astra’s interior is, across the board, a big step forward, and this range-topper continues in that vein. It also continues Vauxhall’s tack of bringing prices down, and this model is significantly cheaper than its Ford rival despite being well-equipped. Plus, residuals impress at 34.5%”.

“The performance from the 1.6-litre turbo engine is impressive, offering very rapid yet refined and comfy progress. The New Astra’s all-round functionality and practicality is also improved, as are the looks”.


Fleet News - March 2016. New Astra 1.6CDTi SRi Nav

“My spell with the Vauxhall Astra has now entered its second month, and the honeymoon period shows no sign of ending. Away from my normal commute, a work event in the Cotswolds gave the Astra the chance to stretch its legs with a 200-mile round-trip: a task it took comfortably in its stride. The whole process was painless from start to finish”

“On the road, the Astra also continues to impress. There’s a pleasing solidity about how the car feels, from its build quality and touchpoints such as steering wheel and gear stick, through to the way it drives”
“Its steering is well-weighted and it feels settled on the road”

Fleet News - February 2016. New Astra 1.6CDTi SRi Nav

“I drove the new Vauxhall Astra on its UK press launch in September last year and left the event impressed, describing it as a car than can ‘comfortably hold its own against the class best’”

“It was clear to see that the new model had made a giant step forward”

“The quality of design and materials has markedly improved”

“A further improvement is that, like-for-like, the new range has lower P11D prices than the outgoing one (up to £2,200 on some models), which leads to lower tax bills for both, employer and employee”

“Despite being slightly smaller than its predecessor, it has more space and, partly due to weighing up to 200kg less, is nicer to drive”


International Fleet World Magazine - 2015

“The outgoing Astra was a pretty good car to drive, but the latest model sets new standards. The 1.6CDTi diesel is sure to be a strong fleet seller and fleet drivers are not going to be disappointed by the experience”

“The car will be a capable highway cruiser, while offering low fuel consumption”

“The weight reduction and improved aerodynamics have certainly helped to offer very competitive fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from both diesel and smaller petrol engines”

Auto Express - 2015

“The sleek new look and upmarket cabin are the first things to draw you in, but under the skin things get even better”

“Let’s begin with the same angle most automotive makers start with these days – weight loss. This new model is up to 200kg lighter, which makes a huge difference to the way it feels from the moment you pull away”

“And Vauxhall has managed to pull off an even cleverer trick with the new car – physically smaller than the old model, but boasts more room inside – and in many cases, it’s cheaper to buy, too. It’s got technology that rivals don’t yet offer (clever matrix beam LED headlights and Apple’s CarPlay, for example). And it’s British – built in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, fine-tuned on British roads and designed by a team led by Brit Mark Adams”

What Car? - 2015

“The Astra’s on-board tech has taken a leap forward, with the availability of new features such as LED headlights, Forward Collision Alert with autonomous braking, and massaging seats. The vastly improved infotainment system includes on-board 4G-connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, access to Apps and the ability to use your smartphone via the touchscreen”

Autocar - 2015

“The Astra is significant not just as a new Vauxhall but as the most notable among a new generation of family cars, which will place weight reduction at the top of the agenda”

Business Car - 2015

“The well-priced Tech Line trim provides much greater value for money than most rivals, allowing user-choosers to get a sprightly 136hp diesel model for less than most 110hp rivals”