A great winter offer on Vauxhall Approved Tyres.

With winter comes wet roads and icy conditions, so looking after your car tyres is a must.

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Not only will you enjoy a great price on our Vauxhall Approved tyres, but you could also benefit from increased fuel efficiency, safety and performance too.


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Buy two Vauxhall Approved tyres and save £20. Or buy four and save £40.


Not only do you get a great price on our Vauxhall Approved tyres you also get great fuel efficiency, safety and performance too. What’s more, they’re specially tested to work with your vehicle and will be fitted quickly and efficiently by our experts.


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Our new EUROREPAR Reliance tyre range.

Keeping your tyres in good condition keeps you safe on the road as well as boosting fuel efficiency and performance.


Road experts recommend tyres are replaced once the tread reaches 3mm. When you’re travelling at 50mph in wet conditions, there's an 8-metre difference in stopping distance between 3mm and the legal limit of 1.6mm.


Our new range of Approved Eurorepar Reliance tyres deliver both the excellent grip levels and durability you would expect from Vauxhall. It doesn’t matter which model you drive, we’ve got the right tyre for your vehicle. But it’s not just safety that’s assured. As part of our Approved parts range, superb value for money is also guaranteed.

Choose from our range of Vauxhall Approved Tyres that are specially tested to work with your vehicle. Right now, you can take advantage of £10 off when your order a pair of tyres, or £20 off when you order a whole set of four. Terms and conditions apply, please click here.


Available in 23 tyre sizes.

Our range of tyres come in 23 different sizes from 14” up to 17”. Perfect if you’re cruising in a Corsa or moving around in a Mokka.

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When choosing tyres for your electric vehicle, it’s important to consider different factors to a combustion engine vehicle.


The rolling resistance level will show you how efficient your tyres are. And, with your electric vehicle’s range being impacted by this, new, efficient tyres help to maximise the distance you can drive on a single charge. Check for the electricity symbol when looking at your new tyre’s information.


Your electric vehicle also benefits from greatly reduced cabin noise, and it is important to consider the noise performance of your tyres; ensuring your driving experience stays quiet and comfortable. Look out for a low db level, and A/B/C noise classification on your new tyre’s information.