More comfort, convenience and control

Ready to make life easier? Meet MyVauxhall – your one-stop shop for everything Vauxhall.


Plan journeys from the comfort of your armchair. View your next scheduled service. Book a vehicle repair. Access your handbook.


And if you drive an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, you’ll love our e-Remote Control app feature.


Use it to pre-condition your cabin temperature before journeys – and maximise your charge. Or pre-schedule charging times at night, and benefit from cheaper electricity.


App or online? Your call


Download the MyVauxhall app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple).​ Or access selected features at the MyVauxhall website.


Map updates

New roads. New pedestrian zones. New one-way systems. They’re always changing.


But with regular map updates, you can be sure your satnav has all the latest road layouts. So you can take the quickest and safest route to your destination, every time.


You’ll save time, money and fuel. And best of all, you can arrive more relaxed.

Connected services

The MyVauxhall app comes into its own for owners of electric and hybrid vehicles. With e-Remote Control, you can pre-set the cabin temperature before journeys and pre-schedule charging times – from anywhere.​


See all your driving statistics at a glance, on a single screen. And display handy details such as:


  • Fuel and/or electricity consumption
  • Running costs
  • Total journey time
  • Trip details

Maintenance and assistance

Need to check your service/MOT history, book a slot with your Retailer, or access roadside assistance? The MyVauxhall app does it all.


From viewing owners’ manuals to how-to model videos and product updates, your app makes life easier.

Click here to find your VIN on your Vauxhall.

Accessing MyVauxhall

You can access MyVauxhall via our app or online. If you bought your vehicle through the Vauxhall Store, you can use the same log-in details.


Once you’ve accessed your account, just enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) and check out all the services you can take advantage of.


Click HERE to find your VIN on your Vauxhall.