Vauxhall Electric Service

No one knows my electric Vauxhall better

Maintain your electric Vauxhall and protect its value

With electric vehicles, there are no exhausts, fuel delivery systems, oil filters, gears or clutches to wear out, replace or maintain. So, with less to maintain, you can save on long-term servicing costs.


They do, however, still require safety checks including general wear items such as tyres and brakes. Their highly sophisticated electronic battery and energy management systems need regular inspections to keep them in perfect order. It is important to schedule regular maintenance with your local Vauxhall Retailer to:


1. Maintain your vehicle’s safety and performance

2. Perform regular safety checks

3. Maximise its efficiency

4. Monitor and optimise your battery’s condition

5. Protect your vehicle's resale value

Why choose Vauxhall?

Our expert technicians know your Vauxhall best, and can use their knowledge and experience, combined with modern tools and safety measures, to keep your electrified car or van running smoothly.


  • Fully skilled and accredited to work on your vehicle’s high voltage system
  • Fully equipped with all Vauxhall specific tools and equipment
  • Qualified to maintain your Vauxhall, and accredited to repair and/or replace your traction battery

Battery Expertise

The battery is the heart of your electric vehicle. With Vauxhall:


  • A battery guarantee that at least 70% of its capacity is maintained for 8-years/100,00 miles


  • The remanufacturing*** or recycling of batteries at the end of their life


Traction Battery State of Health Document


Your Traction Battery provides the main source of power when driving your electric Vauxhall. Understanding its health is vital, providing you with confidence in your vehicle, as well as vital information when the time comes to resell. 

A Traction Battery State of Health can be carried out by your local Vauxhall Retailer for just £50.  If you take out a Flexcare Service Care Plan a Battery State of Health is included free of charge.

Services and Solutions

Get the most of your Vauxhall with:
  • A full range of charging solutions and accessories to fit your life
  • Wall charger installation at your home for easy charging
  • Mobility services: from a replacement/courtesy vehicle during maintenance or repair to short-term rentals for longer trips*


Subscribe to one of our Vauxhall Service Care plans for your electric car: servicing costs are included to give you peace of mind - all for a fixed monthly fee. 


For your Vauxhall, we have included specific services:


  • Traction Battery State of Health Document: A Traction Battery State of Health will be included as part of your Flexcare Service Care Plan, making sure you know where you stand.

Our service commitments for your electric Vauxhall

WARRANTY: Your traction battery guaranteed 70% capacity for 8 years/100,000 miles.
VAUXHALL ASSISTANCE: With breakdown assistance in the event of a power failure**.
E-SERVICE: Servicing of your electric vehicle available throughout the Vauxhall network.
SERVICE CONTRACTS AVAILABLE: With service plans dedicated to electric cars.
GLOBAL CHARGING SOLUTIONS: Support the charging solution.
MOBILITY SOLUTIONS: Available each time work is being performed on your car*.
WASHING: Complimentary external wash each time work is performed on your vehicle.