Astra Press Reviews

Fleet News

"Bigger, better, cheaper, Vauxhall's new class-leader... at this price point and among other diesel hatchbacks, the Vauxhall is without equal"


Business Car

“This smart-looking well screwed together hatchback has moved onwards and upwards to warrant serious consideration among user-choosers as well as fleet managers prescribing corporate transport.”


What Car?
“Despite coming with a higher level of standard equipment than ever before, the Astra is a fair bit cheaper than the model it replaces. That means it undercuts the Volkswagen Golf by a big margin and is very competitive against the Ford Focus.”


Fleet World
“Clean, efficient, a great all-rounder. Very quiet, well equipped, low C02, simpler line-up. Re-establishing its credibility, it is a big improvement over its predecessor.”


Business Car
“Throw in tidy handling and decent comfort levels and more than merely being a job-need tool, it should be a car that many fleet users will be happy to choose - especially thanks to its very low whole-life costs and BIK-shrinking low list prices.”


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