• Vauxhall Corsa 3-door with Flexible PCP offer

Corsa with Flexible PCP

We’re offering our competitive Flexible PCP* finance offer with great monthly payments. Choose from a selection of our models with low monthly payments and all the flexibility that PCP finance offers at the end of the chosen term. See below for more information.

PCP in a nutshell

PCP lets you change your car regularly while keeping your options open.

 1. Choose your deposit

 2. Choose your term (24 to 48 months)

 3. At the end of the term:

  • part-exchange your Vauxhall for a new one, OR
  • pay the final payment to keep it, OR
  • return as a final settlement

What choices are available?

You get a great range of choices to suit you, including:


  • Your choice of deposit amount – from zero to 30%
  • Your choice of payment term – from 24 months to 48 months
  • Your choice of mileage – based on the miles you expect to have driven at the end of the term
  • The guaranteed future value (GFV) of your vehicle.


At the end of your plan, you can:
1 – Retain your Corsa – pay off your optional final payment (GFV) and own your Corsa
2 – Return your Corsa – hand your Corsa back to Vauxhall Finance and start again
3 – Replace your Corsa – choose a new Vauxhall and use any equity you have as a deposit.


In fact, the only thing we set is the finance rate.

Finance Calculator

Ready to take the next step? Use our simple calculator to find the best deal for you
by creating your own custom finance representative plan.

To help you on your way we've put together Corsa finance examples in the tables below