COMMERCIAL VEHICLES INSURANCE, featuring the Vivaro, New Movano, Corsavan, and New Combo all in red, parked up in a semi-circle at the docks ready for loading


At Vauxhall Insurance we know that you want top quality Comprehensive cover that matches the quality of your Vauxhall. An insurance policy which guarantees that, should you have an accident, your car will be repaired at a Vauxhall Approved Repairer by Vauxhall-trained technicians.


Only genuine Vauxhall parts will be used to repair your car, ensuring that your Vauxhall stays a Vauxhall. How many other Insurers can make that promise?

Plus, we add in all of the other features that you would expect from an insurance policy from Vauxhall:


  • Repairs will be undertaken by Vauxhall Approved Repair Centres and a replacement van will be provided for up to 7 days, so you can keep earning while a Vauxhall Body shop gets to work to get your van back on the road
  • Unlimited cover for audio equipment fitted as standard by Vauxhall
  • Windscreen cover with a £10 excess for repair or a £60 excess for replacement
  • A new replacement van will be provided if a van up to 1 year old is written off
  • Cover extended to other EU countries for up to 90 days per year
  • You can add cover to your policy, such as cover for up to £5,000 worth of tools in the van
  • Cover can be arranged in the name of an individual, a partnership or a company.

For a Commercial Vehicle insurance quote, please phone 0344 463 2673