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Keep your Vauxhall a Vauxhall with Vauxhall Insurance

Arrange cover with Vauxhall Insurance and we will make sure that if your car needs to be repaired following an accident, we will arrange for it to be taken to a Vauxhall approved repairer.


Repairs will be carried out by Vauxhall trained technicians using genuine Vauxhall parts.


If your car is written off within 12 months of first registration as new by you, we will replace it with a brand new Vauxhall of the same model.


It’s crucial to have work carried out by a Vauxhall Approved Repairer if you want your car to be returned to the standard intended when it was first made. And, because your car is made from many different materials like high strength steel, ultra-high strength steels, boron, aluminium and plastic to name a few, they will not react as they should in any future accident if repaired using traditional methods. It could even reduce your car’s NCAP safety rating.

There’s no need for concern with Vauxhall specialists though, who have the correct equipment and training to return your vehicle to Vauxhall standards and maintain that NCAP safety rating.


And that’s precisely what taking out Vauxhall Insurance guarantees you. So please follow the link below for an online quotation, or call our friendly insurance advisers for an instant quote on 0844 463 2670.