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Supporting local communities

Vauxhall is a valued member of communities across the UK. We’re committed to making a positive impact, wherever we are.


We have a long-standing history of community engagement, in particular in the Bedfordshire and Cheshire areas where our manufacturing sites are based. We encourage our employees to support charities and participate in fundraising activities.


Vauxhall undergraduates across our UK sites develop community projects that help them engage with local schools. The one-day modules – which have been extremely well received by local schools – bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work in a playful way, providing valuable insight into the multi-skilled manufacturing sector.


Undergraduates who take part in community projects develop vital skills such as team work, strategic planning, public speaking, organisation skills, presentation skills and the ability to communicate with people of different ages and abilities.

Feedback from the community

“We are incredibly grateful to Vauxhall for providing our students with a notion of real-world business.”

        – Mary Jankiewicz, Careers Advisor, Putteridge High School


“[Vauxhall’s] input … was the best … ever delivered by an external organisation in the school!”

        – Careers Education and Guidance Development Coordinator, Hilbre High School Humanities College


“It could not be improved, it was EPIC!”

        – Year 6 pupil, St Basil Primary School

Awards from the community

Luton plant’s Vans R Us Scheme has been nominated for Business in the Community – Local Community Impact Award 2012.