Vauxhall's convertible car

Convertible cars

Vauxhall open top Cabriolet

Take to the road in a Vauxhall convertible coupé and enjoy the glamour, exhilaration and freedom that open top driving brings you. In the one hundred years since we launched the Vauxhall 30-98, the first Vauxhall convertible, we’ve come a long way. And technology means that driving a Vauxhall convertible soft top car is a rewarding, surprisingly practical and stylish choice – even in the British weather!


Check out the practical and pragmatic side of beauty.



The smallest, coolest crossover

The new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS AIR is concept made real. It’s simply the coolest town and country small car on the market. The muscular stance is chunkier. Dark, sculptured protective cladding never looked this good. Giant 18-inch alloys soak up the streets, parcour style. Higher ride and specially tuned suspension means the high street doesn’t end where the grass grows. The electric folding canvas roof roof lets the sunshine in. Vauxhall connectivity keeps you in touch and new high-tech engines keep you ahead.


Enter a new world with the new Vauxhall ADAM ROCKS AIR.


Summer is a state of mind

A sophisticated, high-performance convertible for all seasons, the Vauxhall Cascada features a remote control soft top that takes just 17 seconds – so you can take advantage of every sunny spell. Impressively high quality, supreme passive safety, dynamically designed and rewarding to drive, it’s the exclusive car you’ve always promised yourself.


Features of the Vauxhall Cascada:

  • Pure soft-top elegance
  • Outstanding quality and functionality
  • Superior body stiffness and chassis technology
  • High-class comfort and infotainment features
  • Comprehensive range of driver assistance systems
  • Uncompromised passive safety.