Vauxhall Ampera
For the Ampera, going further means taking the electric car from the realm of dreams into the real world. It means leading the industry with an electric propulsion system that can cover the average commute of 25-50 miles on battery power and then goes up to another 310 miles with the range extender. The Ampera makes no compromises. It takes electric driving beyond the limits of battery power.
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Charging the Ampera is almost as easy as charging your mobile. Its Lithium-ion battery can be charged from a three-pin socket1 in six hours². You can even programme the Ampera to charge at specific times. The battery powers the Ampera for 25 to 50 miles of low-emission, cost-effective driving that makes it ideal for commuting3. For longer trips, the fuel-powered generator provides the electricity to drive up to 310 extra miles.

Driving Dynamics

The Ampera is not just quiet but lightning quick and powerfully efficient. With a torque of 370 Nm, you can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 9 seconds. Whether you’re in electric mode or extended range mode, the 150 PS electric drive-unit powers the wheels at all times, with instant torque and a top speed of 100 mph.


With an aggressive, low stance and aerodynamic, stylish lines, the Vauxhall Ampera makes a bold statement. The single-arc roofline, boomerang-shaped headlights, split tail lights and five-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels give this sporty electric hatchback a head-turning design. Inside, you find the space, comfort, and convenience that you expect from a modern car with five doors, four seats and a storage capacity of more than 300 litres. The two information displays and a touch-sensitive infotainment centre deliver a futuristic experience.


The Ampera’s streamlined beauty has a purpose. Reducing drag improves efficiency and power transfer meaning you can drive further and for longer. The sleek rounded front, streamlined roof and aerodynamic outside mirrors have an optimised design which greatly improves airflow. Vertical slots on the rear bumper and the lightweight polycarbonate wheel-inserts further reduce drag while enhancing the Ampera’s sporty, high-tech appearance.

Range Extender

When the battery runs low, the Ampera seamlessly switches to Extended Range Mode and the petrol-driven generator kicks in. The generator does the work of the battery, producing the electricity for the motor while expanding your range to up to 360 miles. Thanks to this innovative system, you can be completely confident that you’ll reach your destination – just as if you were driving a conventional car.
1 Times shown are when charged from a separate 10 A circuit. A lower charging current lengthens the charging time.
2 Before you start charging with a current that's stronger than 6 A, ensure that the designated power circuit and the outlet has been checked by a professional electrician and approved for this stronger current.
3 The Ampera’s typical electric range has been determined in battery mode with a fully charged battery in moderate driving style, normal traffic conditions and average temperature without extra electrical loads. The Ampera’s electric driving range can be significantly influenced by your driving style.
4 The overall range consists of the official electric range on battery power together with the extra reach with the petrol-powered range-extender. It's calculated on the basis of combined consumption (according to EC 715/2007).

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