Vauxhall Flextreme GT/E concept low-lying aerodynamic profile

Sleek, stylish and efficient

Reduced wind resistance equals increased performance, economy and driving range.

Aeroblade side spoilers on the Vauxhall Flextreme GT/E concept

Actively managed airflow

To achieve minimum drag and wind resistance, several advances have been seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the Flextreme GT/E. The result is a standard-setting drag co-efficient of just 0.22.

A series of measures optimise the aerodynamics:

  • A low, sculpted roof (1,308 mm)
  • Air-outlet vents in the motor hood
  • Rear-view cameras instead of mirrors
  • Flat under-body for optimised airflow
  • 21 inch wheels with aerodynamic wheelcovers and low-rolling resistance tyres
  • Automatically extending speed-sensitive “aeroblade” side spoilers to smooth rear-side airflow
  • Rear underbody swept upwards for Venturi effect.

Weight optimisation and distribution

In the performance orientated Vauxhall Flextreme GT/E Concept, managing, reducing and perfectly distributing the weight is essential. Vauxhall has planned the latest high-tech racing-track-developed compound materials and alloys for the chassis and body panels. These save a substantial amount of weight, further reducing consumption and increasing range.