Vauxhall Flextreme concept rear passenger-side view

100% clean mobility

Ample power from the start, combined with extended range technology makes the Vauxhall Flextreme a totally viable concept for future mobility demands.

Vauxhall Flextreme propulsion system


The Vauxhall Flextreme uses the revolutionary E-Flex propulsion system, which is also referred to as Voltec technology.

E-Flex is a new family of electrically driven propulsion systems specifically engineered for future small- and mid-sized vehicles. The ’E’ stands for electric drive; the ‘Flex’ represents the architecture’s adaptability. The system allows the flexible use of electricity from a wide range of sources: the generator can run on power from the grid, from a small, internal-combustion engine consuming unleaded gasoline, diesel or bioethanol (E85 – a mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% petrol), or from a fuel cell.

This means that the vehicle’s drive system can be adapted exactly to the needs and infrastructure of specific markets.

In contrast to conventional vehicles and hybrids, the E-Flex system uses an electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery, to propel the Vauxhall Flextreme concept for up to 55 km of electric-drive-only range. In this case, a 1.3 CDTI onboard engine generates additional electricity to top up the battery and extend the vehicle’s driving range. Fully charged, the Flextreme’s 55-km all-electric driving range is enough for most daily commuters in Europe to travel without using any diesel fuel or emitting any CO2.

The Flextreme concept is a good indication of what low-emission mobility could look like in the medium term.